Alexander McQueen Fall 2016

McQueen MainLocation
Lawrence Hall in London
The Set
Sheer black screen was set up in the center of the venue to sections. The space for Sarah Burton’s surreal and whimsical collection.
Tulles, sequins and embroideries adorned various garments depicting pretty and surreal motifs. Pocket watches, eyes, and butterflies, along with hand-painted flowers that were created by a specialist floral artist. The collection evoked a dreamy quality with glimpses of Sleeping Beauty and Alice in Wonderland.
Designer Switch up?
Designer Sarah Burton is about to have her third baby and was off on maternity leave after the show. There are rumors she may soon depart McQueen for Dior.
Make up: Lucia Pieroni created an edginess to the look by rimming kohl liner around the models’ eyes, while keeping their lips a neutral shade.
Hair: Guido Palau swept the model’s hair into updos, and adorned each style with surreal charms and jewelry.


Photo Credit: Runway – Kim WestonArnold /
Details – Marcus Tondo /