Armani Beauty with Sonia Leal Serafim

Fall has arrived, and we’re switching up our make up routine to reflect the new season. We were invited by Holt Renfrew to chat with make up artist Sonia Leal Serafim of Armani Beauty to learn more about the luxury cosmetics brand, and what key products we should invest in for Fall.

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Tell us about Armani Beauty
Giorgio Armani’s fashion design is defined by elegance and the use of precious and refined materials to achieve the perfect design. With Armani beauty, he applies his designer’s philosophy to the face, where functionality and beauty work together in perfect harmony.


What products are you most excited about for fall?
I am most excited this fall about the new Eye Tint colors and the Maestro Eye & Brow.

EYE TINTS: The innovative formula transforms pure pigments from liquid to solid, giving 16 hours of smudge and crease proof wear of gorgeous vibrant colour. They are so easy to use, buildable and multifunctional. You can apply them with your finger or use as a liner with a brush.

MAESTRO EYE & BROW: Easily one of the most innovative beauty products out there. Most of the time as a makeup artist I’m working under pressure with very limited time. This multipurpose brow shaper, eyeliner, eye shadow and root touch up is simply a blessing. Depending on the color, I even use it for contour on the face. It’s a creamy formula with a natural shine to it, so it’s the most natural looking effect on the eyebrows. And, did I mention it’s waterproof?

What colors are trending this fall?
The two colors that were seen most, one way or the other on just about all runway shows were deep plum and all shades of orange. I’m particularly fond of the oranges. As we move into fall the natural daylight becomes grey.   Orange instantly helps warm up the face making it universally flattering. I’m really quite crazy about the Eye Tint #14 Sunrise. The golden base to this color really brightens the eye and it’s so easy to use.

Armani is known for it’s incredible foundation. What makes it such a desirable product?
For me, Armani foundation has become instrumental in my success as a makeup artist. I started using Luminous Silk Foundation about 10 years ago when photography moved from film to Digital and T.V. moved from film to HD. Film was very kind to skin where now the amount of detail caught on camera sees 100 times more detail than the naked eye, catching flaws that you don’t even see normally. Armani Foundations consistently delivers the most flawless perfect skin finish always appearing as perfect healthy skin and never made up.


What beauty items do you always have with you?
I always have Eye & Brow Maestro in Ash Blonde and the Giorgio Armani.

Applicator Eye Shaper Brush with me. In my purse and in my kit. I just got this brush a few months ago and I couldn’t really imagine doing makeup now without it. It makes filling in eyebrows, a little or a lot, so incredibly easy and natural every time. I also use it for every style of liner application from a sharp winged eye line to a smoky eye.

Also, the Giorgio Armani Eclipse Palette. It is the most finely milled powder highlighter adding the most perfect amount of natural glow without being detectable, but most effective.


What beauty mistake do you wish people would stop doing?
One common theme I come across just about every day is that women either wear too much, or too little makeup. It seems that it’s very rare that women find just the right balance and way to enhance the best of what they have. Finding the right place with makeup where you look beautiful, healthy and happy. Not, painting themselves up like a canvas, or rejecting makeup all together because they want to look natural.


Thank you to Sonia and Holt Renfrew
Images courtesy of Armani Beauty