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Kiss is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of professional quality nail products. During New York Fashion Week, KISS nails teams were backstage for multiple runway shows including Anna Sui and Erin Fetherston. We chatted with two of Kiss’ lead artists, Miss Pop and Gina Edwards, Celebrity Nail Artist for KISS Products, Inc. about the shows and the latest products from Kiss Nails.

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Tell us about the process of designing the nails for a runway show?
Miss Pop: The process of creating a nail look starts with meeting with the designer to get the creative inspiration, textures and colours for their upcoming collection. 
Kiss Nails Backstage

Tell us about the nail look for Erin Fetherson’s show?
The look we’re showing for Spring is a mixy-matchy floral. The flowers kind of have a soft, translucent quality that I get with the same technique you use to do water colour art. I took the KISS nail art paint, the striper polish, I dumped a little bit out into a plastic palette, mixed it with some acetone, and then just soft-touched it onto the nails. This is great for somebody who wants to do nail art but is like, “I’m not very good at nail art, I’m not good at lines,” you don’t need to be too exact because it’s a very natural stroke. It’s not about making perfect lines.

Erin Fetherston Backstage
How would you create this look?
The pearls are my favourite part. Even though the flowers are all different sizes on the nails and in different places, there’s one thing that they all have in common and that’s the pearls. I love pearls, they’re so classic. We use KISS Salon Secrets Luxe Accents. You paint your nail with top coat, you do one application. Here we use the Jet Dry by KISS. You use an orange stick, and you dip your orange stick into the polish and then you dip it onto the pearl and it acts at the perfect gripper. This gives you a lot of control over it so you have accurate placement. I don’t like using tweezers because I find I mostly stab the nail. The pearls are so good for brides, too.


What was your favourite show to work on this fashion week season?
Gina: I enjoyed the nails at Carmen Marc Valvo using KISS Salon Secrets Professional Nail Art Starter Kit. Carmen was ecstatic when he saw the nails at the test. Texture was a unique element that played into his collection. Carmen Marc Valvo Backstage

What are your favourite nail colours for Fall / Winter?
For this fall I am in love with dark sage and blue grays.

What KISS products are you most excited about this season?
The KISS products I’m still excited about Salon Secrets Professional Nail Art Starter Kit which allows you to design nails like a professional on a nail station. And I love the new KISS Polish Pop Nail Art Stickers.

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What is the best solution for ensuring your nails stay strong and healthy?
A good keratin based products and keeping hydrated.

What are your tips for a flawless at-home manicure?
For a flawless DIY manicure is waterless. Remove oils before you polish and use a base coat. Wait 60-120 secs between coats. (Depending on the saturation in the colour)

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