Beauty Routine: NYC

beauty-favourites-nycTravel can be tough on your skin, so before taking a big trip, I always want to make sure my skin is prepared. You also can’t bring too many products with, so you really have to narrow it down to the essentials! Below are my favourite skincare and beauty products I brought to New York.
beauty-4As a blogger, I get to try out lots of different skin care products, but I always tend to come back to Dermalogica. My skin is pretty sensitive, and since Dermalogica is tested by Dermatologists, it’s always very gentle on my skin.

Before my trip, I visited the Dermalogica Institute for a facial treatment. I wanted to make sure my skin was in tip top condition, and this facial made all the difference! They use a system call Face Mapping, a unique skin analysis that provides insight into your skin’s past and present, and allows them to create a treatment that is targeted to your specific skincare needs.

I’m obsessed with Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant, and from my skincare analysis I found out that I could increase my usage of this product to elevage any blocked pores. I also picked up the precleanse oil, which helps remove any excess makeup from your skin before cleansing.

Other skincare favourites: Clarisonic Mia 2St Tropez Gradual Tan Mousse | Clinique Pep Start Face wipes | Laura Mercier foundation primer | Dermalogica face oil travel samples – this product just launched this month!

I have so much make up, and I like to use many different products, but I had to be selective with what I brought. My favourites included:

This Dior Airflash foundation was THE BEST for this trip! It was so hot and humid, the last thing I felt like doing most mornings was put on make up. The spray is quick to apply and is super light for a foundation.

NARS soft velvet loose powder is one of my favourites for on the go. With the humidity, powder touch ups throughout the day was very necessary!

Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow gives you the perfect highlight. If you’re going bare face or with minimal makeup, this product gives your skin a subtle highlight and healthy glow.

Stila makes fantastic palettes with complimentary colours that make it the perfect all in one. It has a eye shadows and cheek colour, packaged in a pretty gold case.

I’m also a big fan of Stila’s ink pots. The little black cushion inside is soaked with intense pigment that makes it easy to apply eyeliner with your favourite brush. The brush makes such a big difference when creating the perfect cat eye, and Stila’s Ink Pots makes this easy to achieve.

Dior’s angled eyebrow pencil is a new favourite. I wrote about it in my review on the Dior Skyline Collection review. It’s easy to apply, and very precise.

Charlotte Tilbury Hot lips comes in so many shades. The blend of waxes makes this lipstick a dream to use and glides over your lips. The pretty rose gold packaging is just an added bonus!

Nars Orgasm Lipgloss is perfect for on the go. It has a slight golden shimmer, which looks great in photos.