Bellini Bubbles

Ruffino1Bellini’s are the perfect drink to make on a hot summers day. Peaches are in season, and in BC we’re lucky to get so much locally sourced fresh fruit. Last week, I was delighted to find a wooden crate at my front door from Ruffino with all the ingredients for this classic Italian cocktail. Made with prosecco and peach puree, this summer time beverage is easy to make, and oh so delicious!

Ruffino3Ruffino 6
What you need
1 bottle of prosecco
2 peaches
Peach juice
Bitters to taste
Thyme to garnish

Dice the peaches into small pieces and place in the freezer.
Mix the frozen peach pieces with the peach juice in a blender to puree (or mash with a fork)
Spoon the puree mix into the glasses
Top with champagne, add a drop of bitters and garnish with thyme.


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