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1535389_10153559017270466_4243133974449530398_nOur favourite home decor store in Vancouver, The Cross Decor and Design has recently launched their wedding registry, BeLoved by The Cross. We like to call The Cross ‘Home Decor Heaven’ as it’s filled with all sorts of treasures. With so many delightful items at a variety of price points, we couldn’t think of a better store to register.

Wedding season is here, and there is a good chance you have a wedding to attend this Summer. We chatted with The Cross co-owner Stephanie Vogler about her tips and tricks for finding the perfect wedding gift.

11698577_10153559011055466_6707741992769745968_nTell us about BeLoved by The Cross
BeLoved by The Cross is a unique gift registry offered to brides and grooms that are looking for items that will stand the test of time and speak to their personal style and story. A gift registry at The Cross will ensure that you and your guests will be provided with an enjoyable, professional experience that will be handled with care.
What are the key things to consider when putting together your bridal registry?
Don’t be afraid to ask for what you really want! By selecting a large variety of items that cover different price points will ensure you will receive most items you requested. We always recommend adding gift cards to your registry as we’ve had brides register for one large ticket item and have asked all guests to contribute gift cards towards the purchase!
What is the biggest mistake couples make when registering for their wedding?
The biggest mistake is to not add items to your registry just before the wedding. Typically, guests will purchase the week before (if not the day of!) the wedding and we often see registries that are completely picked over, if not sold out, by then.
As a wedding guest, it can be tough to pick the perfect present. What should you keep in mind when choosing a wedding gift?
Always keep in mind that the registrant has gone through careful consideration while adding to their personal registry. Many guests want to stray from the registry in order to find something “extra special”—guests need to remember that all items on the registry are already very special to the bride and groom.
Can any bride register at BeLoved by The Cross?
We encourage any Bride (or Groom) to register at The Cross if they are looking for gifts that are unique and  personal. Because our BeLoved registry is also an online experience, anyone can create a registry. We provide the same personalized service and can also ship your gifts worldwide!
What was the best gift you received at your wedding?
The best thing I received was a set of plates that I absolutely fell in love with. I registered for a set of 12 but only got 4! I loved those plates, I still have them and use them almost daily.
Stephanie’s Picks
Palermo Dinner Plates 
Although a set of plates don’t scream romance, they offer something even better…practicality and beauty! These will get used often and you’ll always get an invite to dinner by gifting these!
Astier de Villatte 
Cross your fingers and hope that your friends have added an Astier de Villatte piece to their registry! Each piece is handmade with love in a Parisian workshop. This is an item to treasure.
Down Pillow 
The Mt. Chatelle Canadian Goose down pillow is the perfect gift that will last a decade. This will ensure that the bride and groom get a peaceful and incredibly comfortable nights sleep, after the epic pillow fight of course! wink wink 
Megan’s Picks
Ornate Photo Frame
I love these frames. It’s the perfect gift because the couple will certainly need a gorgeous home for all of their fabulous and cherished wedding photos. It will be displayed in their home and they’ll think of you every time they look at it.
Milk Panel Pitcher
This is such a classic design that it will fit with most decors. It is versatile because they couple can use it as a pitcher or a vase. Imag ine this beauty full of peonies.. Come on!
Down Duvet
Our duvets are the finest quality available. If you invest in a piece like this it lasts a lifetime! I have personally given one of these as a gift and it was such a hit! It’s a luxury that the couple may not indulge in for themselves and it’s worth every penny. They’re incredible!
Mark’s Picks
Copper Julep Cup
A pair of Julep Cups in this on-trend copper finish make an excellent gift. They can be used as vases, pencil holders, and of course… mint juleps! Add a bottle of Woodford Reserve and wait for the Thank-You Note.
Abyss Super Pile Bath Towels
Investing in top quality items for everyday use is a luxury not all young couples can afford. That’s what registries are for! But the price of these towels is absolutely justified by the premium quality of the cotton, softness, absorption and durability. Towels are a traditional gift and these will last the happy couple for years to come!
Franklin Chair
Group Gift! The Franklin Chair is an elegant, clean-lined model that  is neutral enough to fit into a variety home decor. Imagine them arriving home from the honeymoon to one (or  two) of these in their living room…#blessed.


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