Big Changes Ahead for New York Fashion Week

new-york-fashion-week-lincoln-center-w724There are major changes ahead for New York Fashion Week. Last month, news broke that Mercedes Benz Fashion Week will no longer be held at Lincoln Centre and will be moved to a yet “undisclosed location” for Fall 2015. Lincoln Centre has been the site for Fashion Week in New York for the last five years.

Mercedes Benz will also have its name dropped from the title since they will no longer be sponsoring the event. As of September 2015, it will be called New York Fashion Week instead of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Within the last year, designers have slowly been opting out of showing at Lincoln Centre for smaller venues around the city. This is bound to make it a lot more difficult to get from show to show in terms of making it on time, but designers are hoping to lessen the number of people of attend.

The Spring 2015 season of New York Fashion Week begins Thursday 12 February 2015.