Birthday Bash

Loden MainBirthdays are the perfect reason to celebrate. This year marked my 30th, and even though it was a milestone birthday, I didn’t want a big party. Well, not one I had to organize!

Loden 13Loden 15Loden 18Loden 6Birthdays can sometimes be like New Years Eve; pressure to have fun, and sometimes you end up feeling
underwhelmed. So, when Cee suggested she hosts a get together at The Loden Hotel, I knew it would be a wonderful way to celebrate. Located in Coal Harbour, the Loden hotel boasts stunning views of the North Shore mountains and waterfront. We spent the evening in a lovely one bedroom suite, complete with balloons, champagne and good friends.

Since we’re bloggers, we of course had to turn the occasion into a style story. With outfits from Club Monaco, lace up sandals from Town Shoes, and a handful of balloons, we snapped a couple photos before our guests arrived. Cee was particularly excited when we she discovered the pink couch, perfect for lazing on, while drinking champagne.
Loden 24Loden 14Loden 22The week leading up to my birthday was filled with people telling me ‘Oh, it only gets better after 30.’ And you know what, they’re right. You choose your friends more wisely, you care less about what people think of you, and (hopefully) learn to embrace the moment, and forget about making everything perfect.

After much debate about what to do on my actual birthday, I decide to have a low key visit with my parents (and Scandinave spa) in Whistler and in the end, it was the perfect birthday. Sometimes, actually most of the time, keeping things simple is best.
Loden 23Loden 21Loden 10


Location: The Loden Hotel
Make up: Desiree Worsley
Nails: CND by Onyx Aesthetics

Lyndi’s Look
Romper: Club Monaco
Shoes: Steve Madden – Town Shoes
Necklace: Olive + Piper
Ring: Leah Alexandra

Cee’s Look
Dress: Club Monaco
Shoes: Kate and Mel – Town Shoes
Bracelet: Rachael Ryen