Breakfast at Tiffany’s

TiffanyThe annual  ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ event is always a delight to attend. Hosted at Tiffany & Co’s Vancouver location, I was invited to celebrate the beginning of the festive season, and try on some spectacular, sparkling jewels.

Lyndi Tiffanycv_151127_12_23438460941_oI attended the event along with style blogger, Cee from Coco & Vera. We were welcomed into the beautiful store located at Alberni Street, and greeted by the friendly waitstaff from Hawksworth Restaurant, offering coffee, mimosas and a delicious array of breakfast bites.Lyndi and Cee Tiffany'scv_151127_1_22893643843_oThe theme of the morning was ‘Joy comes out of the Blue.’  We sipped our coffees, chatted with media friends and perused the gorgeous selection of diamonds. The fun part about this event is you don’t have to be shy about trying on multi million dollar rare jewels. ‘This is not a museum!’ exclaimed Renita Hansraj, Director of Sales for Vancouver, encouraging us to try on the dazzling diamonds.

Lyndi Tiffanyscv_151127_9_23438248791_ocv_151127_17_23412382462_oThank you to the team from Tiffany & Co and Hawksworth Communications for a wonderful morning. For more information on Tiffany’s Holiday Collection, visit


Photos by Ian Lloyd