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Rosie Daykin, owner of Butter Bakery has just published her second book, Celebrate, featuring over 100 recipes for every occasion. Rosie

Butter Celebrates! is a feast for the eyes, with beautiful photographs illustrating the simple-to-follow recipes and tips for making any occasion extra special. We chatted with author, and Butter Bakery owner, Rosie to hear more about how she celebrates.

Butter CelebratesTell us about your second book, Celebrate.
Butter Celebrates delves a little deeper into life at my bakery as well as how I like to entertain at home. It focuses on all the big holidays we bake for throughout the year and a few that are unique to me.

Buuetr 2Did you always know you wanted to own a bakery?
I have been a very keen baker for as long as I can remember. I had a wonderful career as an interior designer but the idea of owing a the bakery was always in the back of my mind. I was just waiting for the right moment to make the leap.

p 260 donut eyesThere are so many delightful photos in your book. Tell us about the process of creating all the beautiful images
I have been very fortunate on both my books to work with my friend, the very talented photographer Janis Nicolay. When we begin a book we arrange to meet one day a week at my house to photograph each chapter. This meant I would spend the entire day before baking up a storm in preparation. Many people are surprised to hear that I did bake all the items in the book and Janis and I styled every shot ourselves. But truly, it never felt like work. It is always so much fun creating beautiful pictures with Janis!

Butter 4We adore the decor in Butter Bakery. What inspired the design?
When I was planning the bakery back in 2007 I decided to treat my baking as though they were one of my interior design clients. I wanted to create a home for them that they looked comfortable in and could shine. There is a nostalgia to all Butter’s baking that I wanted the interiors to reflect while still feeling fresh and a little witty.

Style Calling's 'Sweet Wonderland' photoshoot on location at Butter BakeryStyle Calling’s ‘Sweet Wonderland’ photoshoot, shot on location at Butter Bakery

What’s your advice for a novice baker, who wants to wow their guests with their dessert at a celebration?
I would suggest that they avoid anything too fussy or precious. You shouldn’t be looking to impress your guests but rather to spoil them. If you have chosen a recipe that you have never tried before and it seems challenging you may want to give it a trial run when the pressures not on. It is good practice and I’m sure your co-workers would love to eat your test batch.p 200

When you’re planning a celebration, what’s your favourite go to item to make?
Cake! I think a beautiful and delicious cake makes for the perfect finish to any celebration.

You cover so many different Holiday events in your book. What’s your favourite Holiday to celebrate?
I really do love them all but I have always found Easter and Christmas to be my favourite holidays to bake for. I adore Hot Cross Buns at Easter and all the delicious cookies at Christmas!EasterWhen you’re travelling to a new city, what are your favourite type of dessert to try?
It is always fun to go in search of what is trending when you visit a new city. We can all remember the madness of cupcakes from Magnolia in New York or the famed Cronut created by Dominique Ansel. But in the end I usually find it’s best to avoid the media hype and just follow the locals. They will always direct you to the best of everything in their city.

Butter 7Butter bakery is known for their incredible Butter icing. Can you let us in on the secret to perfecting butter icing?
It’s no longer a secret since I published the recipe and method in my first book, Butter Baked Goods but I can never stress enough how important it is to cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. This always takes longer than people think. We want to cream that butter until it is the palest shade of yellow. This will in turn give you the fluffiest butter cream.

Butter Cupcake

 Rosie’s Favourite

Way to Relax
Dinner out with good friends always proves to be the thing I need at the end of a long and busy week.

Ingredient to work with
Butter of course

Vacation destination
I love visiting new spots around the globe but my husband Paul and I return to Napa every September.
I look forward to our week at Meadowood all year long.

Go to drink
French 75

Hostess Gift to Give
Butter Scones and Jam for breakfast the next morning.

Hidden Gem in Vancouver
Joyride for a mani/pedi

Guilty Pleasure
Gummy BearsButter 3

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