Catching up over cocktails

Hawksworth Winter Cocktails Style Calling 1Catching up over cocktails is one of my favourite things to do. Find a chic spot with a fantastic cocktail list, add in good company and you have a recipe for a great night out. I met up with Cindy from The Vancouverite, along with our friends Viranlly and Jacky in the lounge of Hawksworth restaurant to try some of their new offerings. Known as one of the best places in the city for dinner, Hawksworth now boasts one of the top cocktail menus too. Transformed by bar lead, Josh Nidzgorski, it features new takes on the classics along with innovative techniques and beautiful presentations.

Hawksworth Winter Cocktail Shoot 4

A few of my favourites included:

For Presentation – The Last Campfire
The Last Campfire is served on a wooden board covered with a glass cloche that is filled with smoke. As the cloche is lifted, it reveals the infused cocktail and lets all the campfire smoke escape. It’s an absolute show stopper featuring Maker’s Mark and Grant’s blended scotch with Angostura bitters and lavender.

For Something Refreshing – The Imaginary Paloma
The Imaginary Paloma is crisp, bright and absolutely delicious. It features altos reposado tequila with ancho reyes that adds a warm spice. Topped with clarified lime, clarified grapefruit and fresh basil.

For a Take on a Classic – The Hotel Georgia
This one is Cindy’s favourite, and now it’s one of mine too. Created in 1951, and named after the hotel Hawksworth resides in, The Hotel Georgia features gin, lemon, almond, orange blossom and is finished with frothy egg white. It’s light, yet decadent in flavour.

For Something Light – Time Release Cranberry Soda
The zero proof creations at Hawksworth are fantastic. The inventive non alcoholic options were some of my favourite drinks from the evening. The refreshing taste and beautiful presentations feel like a special treat. The Time Release Cranberry Soda features lime, cranberry and elderflower, frozen into tiny ice spheres. The tall glass looks like its been filled with hail, and as it begins to melt the flavour is released. This is only served during lunch hours, but many of the cocktails on the list can be transformed into a delectable mocktails too.

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Thank you to Hawksworth Restaurant for hosting us.
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