Chanel Couture Fall 2016

13567148_10154280072549235_3559104581108444240_nThe Location
The Grand Palais, Paris

The Set
For the Autumn Winter Couture show, Karl Lagerfeld took the audience behind the scenes at the atelier, showcasing the women who creates the incredible collection. The team measured, sewed and ironed while the models walked the runway. The show was a celebration of the people who make the magic happen in the atelier.13606802_10154280077899235_6822868931243424795_n13567063_10154280074754235_8820065777045063910_nKarl Lagerfeld Quote
‘They like the idea that they could see the show for once,’ Lagerfeld said during a preview to WWD. ‘Plus, I thought it was a modern idea that they should participate, so that people pay attention to them because the craftsmanship is so unbelievable. I think they should be shown, too.’

Front Row
Willow and Will Smith, Jessica Chastain, Celine Dion, and Olivia Palermo

13567183_10154280072469235_3178232549296987613_n13612150_10154280076789235_2083991992416022916_nDetails Du Jour
The pieces were incredibly intricate, featuring embroidery, paillettes, tulle, braids and beautiful strands of emerald and ruby stones. The attention to detail is exceptional.  The atelier desks and the walls behind the team were full of sketches of all the work-in-progress.

Pants Please
Pants played a large role in the collection. Wide leg gauchos and jumpsuits were worn with lean, longish jackets. A new take on the always present Chanel suit.13557873_10154280076209235_8008526721865284366_n

Images courtesy of Chanel