Cheerio Vancouver, Hello London

Cheerio 6And we’re off! Jonathon and I so exciting to be flying to London, England today before heading to Prague and Paris. I’ve been planning this trip for months, and I’m so thrilled to finally be on our way. We’re staying with my best friend from South Africa, and her husband in London so I’m even more excited to have a ‘Love Actually’ reunion at Heathrow airport.Cheerio 18Cheerio 3Cheerio 10Cheerio 17I’ve tried be as efficient as possible planning this trip. From what I packed, to what we’re planning to do, I’ve done my best to be practical, and fashionable. Not the easiest combination, but the more I travel, the more I realize how important that is.

My travel outfit is very straightforward. Lululemons (like a proper Vancouver girl) a long tshirt, a sweater and leather jacket. I’m bringing this hat to London too, so it only makes sense to wear it on the flight.

When it comes to carry on, this Hershel suitcase is fantastic. When we travel into Europe, we’ll need to bring minimal items. The flights within Europe although incredibly reasonably priced compared to North America, allow very little luggage. This Herschel bag is the exact right size, and I’ll be bringing a small purse I can fit into the suitcase. As you can imagine, I wanted to bring so many pretty outfits for Prague and Paris, but I have to remember to be practical. Not to mention the shopping will be AMAZING in all three cities, so leaving a bit of room in my bag only makes sense!Cheerio 14Cheerio 2Cheerio 8Cheerio 7Cheerio 15
We have an exciting schedule ahead of seeing the sights, catching up with old friends and eating delicious food! I hope you’ll follow along on insta-stories to see what we get up to! @StyleCalling


H&M Leather Jacket
Clearly Prescription Sunglasses
Zara Tshirt
Lululemon pants
Winners Handbag
Herschel Suitcase
Club Monaco Hat