Concrete Jungle

db-13New York City is full of juxtapositions. You might describe it as beautiful, romantic or even magical. On the other hand, you might say it is hard, harsh and rough around the edges. This is one of the charming aspects about New York. One moment it’s blowing you a kiss, the next minute it’s slapping you in the face.

db3db8db7db9Case in point, the morning we took these photos we’d booked appointments at The Drybar for mid-fashion week blow outs. We had quite the adventure getting to mid town on time. Our uber dropped us off at the wrong address in a not so savoury part of the city, but we quickly found a cab that we thought would whisk us off to our destination. Not so much. He was completely confused as to where we were going, which is somewhat unusual for New York cabbies. Honestly we could of walked there faster, so Cee and I had a good laugh at the irony of our morning. We need not panic thanks to The Drybar’s excellent customer service. We called while in the cab and they efficiently rescheduled us 15 minutes later. After a relaxing service and a cup of tea, our day got right back on track!
db5db13db2This is so New York. Have you heard the expression, take a bite out of the Big Apple? Well be careful the Big Apple doesn’t bite back! One moment you’re in this quintessential, fairytale, the next moment the smell of hot garbage and honking horns are wafting through the air. This is why you have to love New York, and be ready to expect the unexpected. My favourite moments in the city are often when things don’t go exactly as planned, and you end up in a different neighbourhood with a new direction. This will happen in New York, but you’ll always have a good, sometimes amusing story to tell after!

Top: Gentle Fawn
Jeans: Mavi
Shoes: Steve Madden from Town Shoes
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff
Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen