Couture up Close

hc4Our dreamy morning with CHANEL took place at their 5th Avenue location in New York during fashion week. Couture is a work of art, and the intricate details in the CHANEL couture collection were incredible to see in person. This particular collection was very special to see as it paid homage to the atelier, and the teams who create the beautiful collections.
couture-9couture-6chanel-13hc3For the Autumn Winter Couture runway show, Karl Lagerfeld took the audience behind the scenes showcasing the seamstresses on set. They measured, sewed and ironed while the models walked the runway. At the presentation we attended, this was recreated with the atelier desks in place with pins, pattern pieces and measuring tapes and the walls filled with sketches by Karl Lagerfeld of all the work-in-progress.

Certain garments were shown in the various stages of completion revealing part of the process of making the couture. This gave such wonderful insight as to how the garments are created. Each unique piece featured beautiful and fascinating elements. I loved peeking into the pocket flaps to find rows of beads meticulously sewn into place, and the layers upon layers of sequins and pailettes that created the most wonderful shimmery textures.


It’s hard to imagine the amount of time and talented that those goes into each garment. Seeing the collection up close made me appreciate the process even more. CHANEL has done a lot over the past decade to preserve the art of couture by purchasing many of the traditional small artisan houses that specialize in embroideries like Lesage, or hat making like Michel. By doing so, they are ensuring the skills are passed down to the next generation, not only for CHANEL, but for all Haute Couture houses.

Haute Couture needs to be seen in person to truly appreciate the craftsmanship, but I hope this glimpse into the world of CHANEL brings you a sense of the magic of couture.hc2

  • Wow these are so stunning! What a treat to get to see such craftsmanship in person.