xJTv7PnjrTdVsnzTEb72FsgSBrsTzbBF3xVQPFa9ZDs,BYlt16CnQgXIgwlYGjm9c-pTxcIswpr1T4MeAsmJW0c,SplrMho9xP7Mnaf33Lq2S_lNQaNZEUFaVgp0JtdAnqI,jbe0F74mSXySfdNKj9qutZr2iXbsKcRFvPueM05_N4MThe glamorous bridal showcase, Crème de la Crème takes place this Sunday at the Four Season’s hotel. Celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary, this years event is set to be the grandest showcase to date.

Crème de la Crème was founded by Soha Lavin, founder and Principal Planner of CountDown Events Planning & Design. This year’s theme, “The One and Only”, encapsulates the true meaning of a woman’s most romantic moment: her wedding day.

DJCbWFobYNQ4SR2jpVlfYvQwK-b30CgmxXkzmMPiDVs,z0HPdZff156er-nkdx9EHDx3CCVUFaMjrZzNRQbTq3E,HkFA4Dh6hTaGFkpgBnktCkyxoAbh6UGBC634PCl7U7k,vYAMxO4HGiPobF73G8SfL_iJYkTDkn5YxunsG3rA6QMbWUzNE5buw0Hg3EUQ4SbbUVSpBADHfUv_9IbivFqL1E,QtZaRxLszjQd6krwexltSodVHdGhcZpw9p5PTqNFJyo,uV_gnNzUb1YEL1ys_8xf5Lw0si1SWEMkL7VTDmx406k,nSqf2vUFWFkEhq1Jg_bTd7bqZqZopiZpGYD0aZuN1QULRHw1XMbqxhv75SoSykGYGuH4dyYN6qtL6dZycs9wKE,c2xgk_LvvXG7Mxl0ApH8j2s5KFFM2eEf3ba3asffJN4,-5WCDWT2f0ZoejlRaerTHgOTdHPugU3a0z5BNff0Qsk,V_vkJTXruL11X40LNGb5Lo_IPovSFJKDt5XT_Ndibs4Earlier this month we were invited to the media preview for Crème de la Crème at the Four Seasons Hotel. We enjoyed cocktails and delicious hors d’oeuvre while taking in the glamorous event. From the most lavish dining table, to models in dream wedding gowns, to exquisite diamonds from De Beers, the room showcased a stunning selection of what we can expect this Sunday. We loved the beautiful wedding cake placed at the entrance , expertly iced and finished with fresh flowers and crystals by Ganache.

YRSiVm-300yoqdzq0-5ROcVUTzVio4qAGjLCYk5Jamk,kW9r3yAZx1cwvgJo0-utQQn9GSc8-2dFsFlJXFBjLIU,K9KPrqgg23C6RXDunlDmL8nNN1MiI_8IrDyTDmoo7M8,D8ycY7iABaRjL8tE1H3IRPesDGbXY2jszukP2OhYX2MKPhLAztgRgYkmBx2EJB4GeTyUc4sVH9KtuD3h1CzefI,yo4bFAEdjr0o6DEXlAGPgtL3kD-1ul9o3bPNgO90EFI,8L2D0ka3n-T_1PYoYQSiczNVsK_oEEPreOlhlMLMn7I“We are ecstatic to celebrate Crème de la Crème’s 10th Annual year. The showcase has grown into an unforgettable event that I am extremely proud to have created.” – Soha Lavin, Creative Director of Crème de la Crème’.

99v2l3kOUbo5SJNSmYtrJjcCcVA1wpo9WlrDWzwgmY0,yaIw1H093uWYLUHsIPjnfUrZOzaz_PRDeg4SK75iMmg,_zx03fc2adD3EHnNn7Qx53qQk4yviijjW5NijpQt_l0,PZ3c-dTi_iiDnqMuSP5bWuT_A_4i2lI-bJJIhcm6zeUEvery detail of Crème de la Crème is expertly thought out.  Even the gift bags were incredible! As we departed the event we were presented with our bag containing beauty products from The Vanity Lab, crystal ear ring studs from Elsa Corsi, a Party Skirt tshirt, Soirette mini macarons and personalized stationary by Violet Grey Creative.

Crème de la Crème promises to be both inspiring and informative for brides-to-be. The event showcases products, services, styles and trends. Attendees will be pampered and treated to scrumptious bites and tasty elixirs. It is a one-day, unparalleled experience, with glamour and extravagance creating a dazzling treat for the senses. This year’s premier sponsor, De Beers Diamond Jewellers Canada will be showcasing their beautiful collections, along with other fabulous vendors including Eclat Decor, The Lazy Gourmet and Tala Florist.

iS-geopelmVfHf7LDjxGqAFqxwE5oyG7Ee_NaNC8svc,ojiVObpE3yPgL6jXxpA4xdiDHt2sPs7peJ7CNIZ2Lz8,fZN3iW07eGO9JeIiWJX6_9Bb5v6QzPAwk4V2Zv11tKA,wz-3Ae0R8XGWGbouNFrIkwM5zs1Q04h4yONp_TE8eto,vnMGAPGK8Vi1hEJvy2dK-bI4h33_vRaFSwUO5kCnRJs0wuYJNhT-dr2KWfEcAJTxSX1HFypkjnrw4L43s1-ocE,LjrK96DgnJdsW5PCK-7dzQbOMIP7UJqsKoUafLl3vRg,M2d96NmxuaqkaAo02rmx5gxTKzLavspV2NBAaV5Es1Q,EsHZoIxbMuszFlnvN-XxoapwFUO3BorW9G_zZYi9xCcJhgwy6vPEJp4-FTpoCSjUBb-USiMcSlFI142UgSKCfw,DZkXajdPLQscEe6dVEz7OSKwjQjAkSuTrSVRuWaV-OE,_rpBTe-sDN-L_J9n_enJIl59Bc9JtQqthcUaG6awKzY,HuR00uHZP_pFxIPAwS6vhKBeohvpNAGMozaMyKoouKsOne of the biggest (and most exciting) descisions for a bride to make is her wedding dress -Crème de la Crème will feature a one-of-a-kind haute couture wedding fashion show, including designers such as Marchesa, Romona Keveza, Monique Lhuillier, Lazaro by Bisou Bridal, Pronovias Atelier and Elie Saab alongside custom creations by Vancouver based Cachè Couture Atelier.

MyxoonHfo0ap7Sdmlw4K5xrGpa3S8gYo-NpBwGnF6vw,idZM9vuLCM8z6oK0T4PIP5WgheVcYwZeBDWXQRutPiI,ulx5BRb4UuhvHGI9XrFeeRKmOB_9AtPqziAYDJNfaMEYGS9U08_PxCAHDVOJnmzjOZAROSmrMxC3uEh9ngS1WU,KPgggrwRkvXBKnXTRVxF5Uv-mdEAIoMjl4oJAybcpz8,uz9xCm65Nv0IgqQnSRr8AZIywAa1rJzw1e7zhEey9mY,MxtBjO0MR6frubcbChfMmTFQbXG3mOFeHNvVXIiD5akWith over $5 billion spent on the wedding industry in Canada last year alone, a couple’s engaged period is among the most compelling of sales opportunities for various businesses. Crème de la Crème presents the unique occasion for companies to exhibit offerings and provide enticing options in an opulent setting during this exciting time. This is the ultimate wedding showcase, and a must attend for every bride to be!

For ticket information, visit
Tickets are $45 per person & $50 at the door. Tickets includes fashion show, scrumptious tastings, full-scale pampering & gift bag which will be filled with goodies by the time you leave the showcase.

Images by Leanne Pedersen