Denim on Denim

Mavi 1Denim: It’s in almost everyone’s wardrobe. My closet holds multiple pairs of jeans and jackets in various colours and cuts. The fabric is a wardrobe staple, but I’ve never had a pair of white denim jeans, until now.

cv_160531_3_26800139803_ocv_160531_11_27373304026_ocv_160531_29_27373216436_oWhite jeans are a very versatile item. Not only are they easy to pair with just about any colour or pattern, but they have the ability to look dressy, or completely casual.

Every Summer, I go try on white jeans at various store, but I’ve never found a pair I feel comfortable in. I relayed this fashion woe to a friend, who quickly told me I just hadn’t found the right pair. A little reluctantly, I tried on a pair from Mavi thinking, these are not going to work. But I was wrong!

The trick to wearing white jeans is to find a light fabric with some stretch. It’s a summer look too, so you want to fabric to be breathable. Many of the pairs I had tried on before were made from really thick fabric, which can be unflattering, and very discouraging!

So now that I’ve gotten over my ‘I can’t wear white jeans’ it’s all I want to wear! Sometimes you need that little push to branch out, and try something new. Isn’t that was fashion is about anyways?

Fashion Elements Lesson: Jeans are the style of pant. Denim is the fabric.


Jacket: Levi’s
Camisole: Madewell
White Jeans: Mavi’s
Shoes: Steve Madden
Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen
Rings: Leah Alexandra
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff