Face mapping with Dermalogica

Dermalogica has launched their ‘Facemap our Nation’ program to help you with your biggest skin concerns. We spoke with Charmaine Cooper, Education Manager of Dermalogica Canada to learn more about this initiative.

1978750_10151907826096923_1556955935_nWhat is Face Mapping?
Face Mapping ® Skin Analysis was designed exclusively by the International Dermal Institute, for Dermalogica.  Face Mapping Skin Analysis is a user friendly way of analyzing the skin, that is very personalized to each individual and the health of their skin.  It is an engaging and informative way to bridge the gap between Skin Concerns and Skin Solutions. It only takes 3-5 minutes for time constraints, or it is also  part of all Dermalogica professional Skin treatments.  In which case, it takes about 5-10 minutes. 

From here, the Skin Therapist is able to customize the entire treatment based upon what the Face Mapping revealed.  The Skin professional who performs Face Mapping divides the skin into 14 different zones and is able to offer advisable tips, along with effective solutions and recommendations that directly address the skin concerns raised. 


How can our readers get their face mapped?
Face mapping Skin Analysis is a complimentary service that can be performed wherever there is a Dermalogica trained professional available.  The best way to find a location where to be Facemapped is to visit dermalogica.ca  to find our store locator.


Tell us about the different Zones
As FaceMapping Skin Analysis is created by the International Dermal Institute, it has its origins in Eastern Face reading.  According to Eastern practices, each zone is said to correlate to internal organs. 

Zone 1/ Zone 3: Forehead – Is said to correlate with the Digestion/ Small Intestine

Zone 2: In between the eyebrows – The Liver (We also refer to this as the wine and dine area) If you eat late at night or have an alcoholic beverage a bit too late, it tends to show up in this area, the next day with redness or irritation.

Zones 4/ Zone 10: Ears- Correlates with the Kidneys

Zone 5/ Zone 9: The Cheeks – These zones correlate to the lungs

Zone 6 / Zone 8: The eyes – The eyes can reveal the level of stress an individual could be under and/or allergy intolerances.

Zone 7: The nose – The heart and the Pancreas (closer to the top of the bridge of the nose)

Zone 11/ Zone 13: The jaw line – This is correlated to the gums and teeth/ and Adrenals

Zone 12 / Zone 12A: The chin and the upper as well as lower lips – This zone reveals hormonal fluctuation and also colon/ stomach balance (upper and lower lip)

Zone 14: The neck and Chest – This area often reveals stress levels as well.


What are the most common skin concerns you hear from clients? 

1. Dehydration: Clients often mistaken this for dryness – but they are quite different.  Dehydration deals with a lack of water – Dryness deals with a lack of oil in the skin.

2. Blackheads: Congestion and pore size are also common concerns

3. Breakouts: The untimely breakout is always a common concern

4. Lines and Wrinkles: Premature aging concerns are also quite common.

395756_10151230852371923_678834009_nWhat sets Dermalogica apart from other skin care brands?
Dermalogica is not a “skincare” company.  We are an Education company with a phenomenal skin care line.  Our passion is the Professional Skin Therapist and being able to educate them effectively, in order for them to effectively educate their clients.  Great skin starts with great education!  And our Unique selling point is our unparalleled education  on formulas, techniques and unique concepts across the Globe.

10407443_10152343982851923_6194428930018794141_nThe Dermalogica Institutes are beautiful. Tell us about the Institutes
The International Dermal Institute Training Centres are across the world.  From the moment you walk in, our goal is to deliver an exceptional experience for each guest’s journey.  Excellent education.  Innovative Formulas. Outstanding customer service are key staples to who we are and what we deliver.  We are the world’s Premier Postgraduate Education provider.  Our techniques are highly sought after worldwide.  It is a safe space for supporting The Professional Skin Therapist on all levels of their career.

1922520_10151907826101923_1985846908_nWhat are the most important things to do for healthy skin?
The most important things to do for healthy skin is truly living a balanced lifestyle.  The combination of proper diet, exercise and healthy skincare choices truly play a significant role in the overall health of anyone’s skin. Daily skin care routines truly do lend to addressing individual skin concerns and are able to provide corrective and preventative benefits.  The ultimate goal in healthy skin is to achieve balance!  Balance between oil and moisture levels.  One needs a good balance of both, in order to keep proper skin functions.  Lastly, but not least; always go with a Sunscreen.  Unprotected sun exposure is the number one cause of damage to the skin.


Summer is here. What advice would you give our readers to ensure they protect their skin from the sun?
Always protect your skin with a sunscreen. Exfoliate your skin regularly – to remove damaged, dull skin cells.  This reveals a more radiant skin.

Use serums to correct and address specific skin concerns.  Serums with Vitamin A are significantly beneficial to reversing signs of photo damage that comes along with constant sun exposure.  AGE smart Overnight Retinol Repair is a phenomenal, consumer customizable Vitamin A treatment that is to be used at nighttime! This targets lines, wrinkles, loss of tone as well as acne.

Drink a lot of water.  Internal hydration is important but using serums and external hydrating formulas are just as important for the skin.  Use ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid – that is a powerful water binding ingredient, found in Skin Hydrating Booster.


For someone who is new to Dermalogica, what products would you recommend to try first?

Special Cleansing Gel
A Soap free cleanser to effectively cleanse the skin, remove makeup and leave the skin feeling refreshed without that tight feeling.

Daily Microfoliant
A Rice Bran microfoliant that only needs water to perform brilliantly! The perfect polish for all skin, even the mildest of skin.

Multi Active Toner
Optimizes skin hydration levels – so that you don’t need to use as much moisturizer.

Moisturizer – with sun protection
To condition and protect the skin all throughout the day.


For more information on where to get your Facemapped, visit dermalogica.ca

Images courtesy of Dermalogica