Fashion Week Tips: Packing and Travel

Galleries Lafayette Roof Lyndi (21 of 32) Edit 2Fashion Week is a marathon. Attending all the appointments and shows will have you running all over the city, but that’s all part of the fun. Whether you’re taking on New York, London, Milan or Paris, you better be ready to roll. We saw 45 shows and presentations over 10 days in Paris last year. It was exciting, exhilarating and completely exhausting!

Aside from the show schedule, there are a lot of travel logistics that go into planning fashion week. Plane tickets, what to pack, and the actual travel part. The details of the trip can be a lot to handle, but if done properly it will add a huge amount of value to the enjoyment of your fashion week experience.

In Part 1 of my 3 part Fashion Week Series, Tips for Packing and Travel.
Carry on 1Carry on MainTravel Fashion WeekLuggage Allowance
It’s very easy to overpack, especially for fashion week. Too much stuff ruins trips! Always double check the baggage allowance for each leg of your trip. If you’re taking a domestic flight to the next city, you can’t always bring an extra bag without paying for it. Sometimes a small suitcase that is considered carry on for an international flight, won’t be for shorter flights.

On this this trip, I brought my large Herschel Trade Luggage, and the small Trade Luggage as carry on. Since I was doing both London and Paris Fashion Week, the complimentary bag check at British Airways was ideal! These suitcases are light, and are super easy to roll which was very important with all the taxis, trains and planes we took. Every time I go to fashion week, I try to bring less stuff.

What should you bring
Think about every single item you’re bringing with you. How are you going to wear it? Will it be useful? Do you really need it? Take the time to plan your outfits and routine to ensure you’ve packed everything you need. Find your ‘key’ fashion week items to pack, for me it’s usually accessories, and build basic pieces into your wardrobe. Things like coats and jackets will take up room, so make sure these items are versatile and go with a lot of things.

If you’re in a city like Paris, there might not be an elevator to your 5th floor walk up, and dragging a very heavy suitcase up the stairs will make you wish you didn’t over pack. Plus, it’s always a good idea to leave a little room for shopping.Lyndi in ParisCheck the Weather
The weather can be very unpredictable during fashion week as it takes place as the seasons are changing. Make sure to check the forecast in advance. In February, you’re dressing for winter but often you’ll experience beautiful sunny days. It was so warm in Europe this time last year, we didn’t need half the layers we brought! On the other hand, the last time I was in New York in February for Fashion Week, it was -17 and absolutely freezing! In September, New York is usually warm, but humid and rain storms are common. This may lead you to ask, what shoes should I wear?!

This is such an important part! Yes, you will want to wear cute shoes, it is Fashion Week after all. Reality check: You will be running all over town. Bring a pair of heels, but pack your most comfortable shoes for long days on your feet. Trust me, everyone will be in boots and cute sneakers by Day 3.

Don’t buy new shoes! If you’re tempted to get a new pair for the occasion, be sure to break them in before you depart. Even boots need some walking around in to be truly comfy. The days will be long, and you will be so much happier if your feet aren’t hurting.

The streets in Europe are cobbled, so thick soled boot or sneakers are ideal. I packed my favourite patent Manolo Blaniks for photo worthy moments, and wore boots and white converse sneakers the rest of the time. Throw your heels in your purse and change into them before the special show. Everyone does it!

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Galleries Lafayette Roof Lyndi (23 of 32)


New York
 7 – 12 February

London 14 – 18 February

Milan 18 – 24 February

Paris 24 February – 3 March

  • Great tips!! I’d love to go to Paris fashion week.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • Thanks Jennifer! Part 2 of how to get into shows is coming up 🙂

  • Didier Young

    I love your tip for Paris! I remember the first time I went to the city and I brought over a medium sized luggage and had to climb up the narrowest spiral staircase to take it up. Definitely didn’t do that again after!


    • Ah yes, the staircases in Parisian apartments can be crazy! It only needs to happen once to never over pack again.
      Lesson learnt! Thanks for stopping by Style Calling Didier. Appreciate it xo

  • Maria

    These are great tips, and I completely agree to not overpack. Beautiful pics 🙂

  • Rach

    These are great tips! Definitely need to keep it in mind for the future. I always overpack!