Feel Good Fall Tunes

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Feel Good Fall

It’s that time of year when all of the cozy clothes come out and nights are spent indoors with friends, wine and fireplaces. Stories Behind The Songs & Style Calling have teamed up again to bring you the perfect playlist for daytime strolls among changing leaves and fresh fall breezes or nights spent in with books and blankets. Feel Good Fall Tunes has been curated by Stories Behind The Songs editor, Stephanie Horak, and features five must-hear artists whose music encourages creative, chilled-out moods. Get ready to put this one on repeat!

Featured Artists on Feel Good Fall Tunes



Who They Are: Sisters Emily, Jessica and Camilla Stavely Taylor are a folk rock trio from England. They began performing as The Staves in 2008 – a name they adopted after a friend scribbled it onto a pub’s chalkboard to announce who was performing that night. Just like the iconic harmonizers they grew up listening to (CSNY and Simon & Garfunkel), their three-part harmonies soar and stun while their vivid lyrics captivate. After opening for Bon Iver in 2012, Justin Vernon decided to produce their second LP, 2015’s If I Was. While never neglecting their incredible talent for rich harmonies, their second album definitely has more guts. There’s a darkness on If I Was that only brightens The Staves’ already flawless vocals.

SBTS Playlist Picks: “Steady”, “Black & White”, “Tongue Behind My Teeth”, “Blood I Bled”, “Teeth White”
Photo courtesy of Warner Music

LORD HURONLord-Huron-Josh-Sanseri-e1444248697302

Who They Are: L.A. based folk rock band Lord Huron has the type of sound you recognize immediately. Warm guitars and rhythms that roll and sway sweep you into the musical landscape that is unique to Lord Huron. Frontman Ben Schneider – who began Lord Huron as a solo project and named it after Lake Huron where he grew up playing music around campfires – is a born storyteller. His lyrics are coloured with characters and themes of nature, reflection and wandering souls. Their first LP, 2012’s Lonesome Dreams, was a spellbinding debut packed with beautiful songs that easily became instant favourites. In 2015, Lord Huron released their second album Strange Trails which Schneider wrote and produced in their L.A. studio Whispering Pines. He described the difference between the albums by explaining, “Last time around Lord Huron was a character in those stories. This time, Lord Huron is just telling the tales.”

SBTS Playlist Picks: “She Lit A Fire”, “I Will Be Back One Day”, “Lonesome Dreams”, “Love Like Ghosts”
Photo by Josh Sanseri


Who They Are: Quilt is a four-piece indie psych rock band who create songs that seem to explore the physical space around the listener. They twinkle and surround you while their fluid psychedelic guitars tempt you to space out along with them. Quilt’s lyrics are just as mesmerizing, “Newborn forms are weightless like doves / Everything will regenerate as it was / All your heavy hearts are simply illusory / They will find an open shell in which to grow and set you free”. Quilt hail from Boston and have released two LPs – 2011’s Quilt and 2014’s Held In Splendor.

SBTS Playlist Picks: “Tie Up The Tides”, “The World Is Flat”, “Just Dust”, “Arctic Shark”
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Who They Are: Milk & Bone are a Montreal based electronic r&b duo made up of Laurence Lafond-Beaulne and Camille Poliquin. After vocally collaborating on a song for a Misteur Valaire album, they decided to continue making music together and Milk & Bone was formed. Their first album, Little Mourning, released in early 2015, is a collection of r&b grooves, haunting harmonies and fuzzed out synths. Milk & Bone are seductive in their hypnotic melodies and siren-like harmonies.

SBTS Playlist Picks: “Coconut Water”, “New York”, “Pressure”
Photo by Le Pigeon (Jerry Pigeon)

BEN HOWARDBen-Howard-Universal-Music-e1444251841917

Who They Are: Singer-songwriter Ben Howard hails from England and wears his heart on his sleeve. His lyrics are filled with snapshots of intimate moments of soul searching, love, doubt and fear. He grew up surfing and listening to folk artists like Joni Mitchell and guitar virtuoso Richie Havens. His debut LP Every Kingdom, released in 2011, made him an international indie star with his raspy, earnest voice and acoustic guitar-driven folk anthems. Howard pulls at your heartstrings with his melodic brilliance and way with words. His second album, I Forget Where We Were, was released in 2014 and explored a more electric sound.

SBTS Playlist Picks: “Keep Your Head Up”, “The Fear”, “Only Love”


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