Get your skin Summer ready with Skinfix

Skinfix is a Canadian company making major waves in the skincare world. Not only do they use natural ingredients to heal dry skin fast, it’s incredibly well priced too. We chatted with Francine Krenicki, SVP of product development about how to get our skin summer ready with Skinfix.


What are the main skin concerns after the winter season?
After a long cold Winter, skin all over the body can be dry, rough and flaky. Chronically low temperatures and dry indoor heating zap essential moisture from skin. Now that winter is over many people think they don’t need to moisturize in the Summer, but that’s just not true!

You can correct dry skin, no matter what season, by using a hydrating lotion or cream that uses natural emollient oils, botanicals and floral extracts to leave your skin feeling soft and supple. 


What are the most important points to remember when taking care of your skin in the Summer months?
There are many things in the Summer months that can leave skin parched and dry. The most common ones are over exposure to the sun, long swims in chlorinated pools or even salt water at the beach. Just because the weather is warmer, doesn’t mean skin doesn’t need hydration and protection. Skinfix Daily Lotion uses a special blend of natural emollient oils, aloe leaf juice, chamomile and calendula flower extracts that lock in moisture and help soothe your skin.

What sets Skinfix apart from other products?
Skinfix is a unique skincare brand that uses natural ingredients to heal dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin for the whole family. The original healing balms date back to formulas that were created over 100 years ago. They offer targeted solutions to chronic skin problems like eczema, diaper rash, chafing and chronic dry skin. All Skinfix products including our new washes, lotions and hand creams are fragrance free, dermatologist recommended and use natural ingredients to treat the skin quickly and effectively.


What are the best ingredients to have in a moisturizing lotion?
You want to look for lotion that has a balanced combination of humectants and emollients. Humectants, like aloe and glycerin, help pull water into the skin. These ingredients immediately plump skin and give it back some cushion.

Equally important are emollient type ingredients like natural oils of coconut, sunflower, jojoba or shea butter that help replace skin’s own depleted lipids. These ingredients will immediately leave skin soft, supple and protected. Natural oils and butters actually help skin retain water from within to reduce dehydration. Skinfix Hand Repair Cream is ultra-rich and protective and uses a combination of emollient oils and 1% colloidal oatmeal to target eczema, dermatitis and extreme dryness.


What are some of the main healing ingredients in Skinfix?
Our healing balms are medicinal formulas and have natural active ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, zinc oxide and sweet almond oil that calm soothe and protect irritated skin. All of our formulas contain unique combinations of natural emollients oils like coconut, sunflower, grapeseed and jojoba. These therapeutic oils are in the formulas at very high levels and work quickly to soothe and soften skin.

Tell us about Skinfix’s Gentle Baby line
The Skinfix Gentle Baby collection is the perfect bath time regimen and is formulated for the most delicate skin on earth. We are so excited that our full line was recently included in the Governor General of Canada’s gift to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s new daughter Princess Charlotte.

Our Skinfix Gentle Eczema collection and award winning Diaper Rash Balm use natural ingredients and are pediatrician tested and dermatologist recommended. We formulate our products using natural ingredients and avoid ones that irritate like fragrance, nut ingredients, steroids, parabens or phthalates. In a clinical test, 90 % of moms agreed that their baby’s diaper rash improved after just one use of Skinfix Diaper Rash Balm.

The price point for Skinfix is very reasonable. Where can our readers find Skinfix?
The Skinfix adult and baby line of products are all affordably priced and range from $8.50 – $19.99. Skinfix products can be found at major retailers like Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, Safeway, Pharmasave, Rexall, Overwaitea Foods, Lawtons Drugs and online at

What are some of the new products from Skinfix you’re excited about?
This Fall, we are excited to kick up skin moisturization to new levels! Our super quenching Ultra-Rich Body Butter is loaded with natural butters and oils, is super luxurious and easily spreads all over the body. We also have a brand new healing balm formulated to take care of tattoos. Skinfix Inked is made with a blend of natural oils and botanicals to help heal and soothe new tattoos and revive existing ones when used daily.

Images courtesy of Skinfix