How to achieve ‘Country Chic’ interior design

Life in the country is often marked with warm feelings of relaxation, comfort, and a rustic disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life. The good news is you don’t have to be hours outside of the city limits to bring elements of country living into your home.

We spoke with Interior Designer, Samantha Muller from Kleen Design for her top tips in creating a cozy, country chic design in your own home.


I recently designed the new sophisticated, country style homes at Creekside Mills at Cultus Lake in the theme of ‘Country Chic’. I love this theme for home decor. When I was asked to create this design for Frosst Creek Developments, I couldn’t have been more excited to take on the challenge! Located just 90 minutes outside of Vancouver, I knew I wanted to incorporate modern, sophisticated design elements into the 129 country style residences, while holding on to the rustic charm and breathtaking views of the area.

Establishing that aesthetic meant finding a unique balance between Country and Chic – here are my top 3 tips to achieve Country Chic home décor.

Bring the farm inside with animal-centric décor:
Bring a little bit of the country inside! Liven up your living room with large animal paintings or hang some antlers above your fireplace. I like to add in green plants in the corner of the room or green succulents on the coffee table décor to give an earthy, comforting feeling to the room. In the bedroom, incorporate animal print wallpaper and throw pillows to give it a country chic feel.xksB1SUvY_6MJhRL5lPuIET5U-U7vJwJHK5HptRhlWM,jrIijVq2BXTE_jjgyZK9H4ov06KEX7-zmRfx8pIHJZE,bOaC3phuWM18CYtYXPfCBPVKAssEMZL3ADyjdVpkm9A,d4ihe0YvZuqY3EoW6lrMlZsMvd_-6z5JJUlzMdNEQrIIncorporate warm woods into your living space:
Wooden barn sliding doors are a hot trend right now. They are great for creating an aspect of whimsy and vintage style to the home and are a great alternative to regular closet doors or covers for your TV. Add in other wooden décor pieces like a rustic side table, or a driftwood centre piece on your kitchen table. These kinds of fabulous decorative ascents add a sense of rustic elegance to a modern home design.lYGIoRSHX1AHA8NIgU_HZziv6PbforfpmZHHbRtyqyE,HDnqMHiX4ZgGzFiTAe07P7eq5zpZLyj8GSBa1Zod_IU,mFfgXoi7jnV7tqjaeMqulyqt79gsv0hk_SuP4rUFZRcOcF_V52-OnNwYya1K6UugP4-3XeXNg0IPtp-fDkb9Ug

Build character with imperfect furnishings and floors
Incorporating reclaimed wood or recycled wood adds to the living space, choosing furnishings and flooring with imperfections, scratches and cracks are all incredible details that add great character to your home. Designing a space with the Country Chic aesthetic in mind means finding a way to highlight the best of both worlds – the quiet comfort of country living, and the elegant sophistication of city living. Creating that balance will leave you with a space you can enjoy year round, regardless of your location.

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