Over the summer, we were invited to experience the incredible skin care brand, La Prairie at Holt Renfrew. The Swiss beauty brand is world-renowned and regarded as one the best companies in the cosmetic industry. After trying out the skincare brand for ourselves (which we LOVE!) we spoke with La Prairie’s Director of Education, Becky Watkins to learn more about the luxury skincare company.

Tell us about La Prairie
Laboratoires La Prairie is the world-renowned Swiss beauty company whose unique collection of skincare, colour and fragrance products is widely regarded for setting the benchmark within the luxury cosmetic industry.  La Prairie traces its proud heritage to the highly renowned Clinique La Prairie in Montreux, Switzerland, a pioneer in cellular anti-aging therapy.  Established by a celebrated Swiss surgeon in the 1930s, it was the inspiration for our revolutionary skincare formulas which were introduced in 1978, after years of research.


La Prairie has always harnessed ingredients both rare and beneficial, and the team at La Prairie works tirelessly to continuously introduce high-performance products that delay and intercept aging at its source.  As the collection of choice for the world’s most discerning clients, La Prairie upholds a commitment to absolute perfection in both function and form.  From exclusive ingredients including La Prairie’s patented Cellular Complex to improve the health, vitality and overall appearance of the skin, to the exquisite attention to detail seen in the product packaging, La Prairie stands for the absolute best.

Where are the products created?
We maintain labs at our Zurich office and throughout the world.  Our ingredients are sourced globally.

In terms of product development, La Prairie has an internal Creative Development Group comprised of brand veterans, experts, R&D scientists, and engineers who work together to create each cohesive product, from the ingredient-exclusive formulas to even the outermost packaging.  More specifically, our Creative Development Group also includes packaging professionals, who have an eye for scouring the globe and sourcing innovative, high performance packaging.  They work to utilize the most advanced research and technology from around the world to ensure that each product delivers unrivaled luxury and performance.

In terms of our mantra when it comes to packaging, we want the vessels to be stylish but more importantly, they need to be functional.  At La Prairie, exquisite attention to detail is taken in every aspect of design ensuring perfection in both function and form, and that extends of course to our formulation, but also the jars, bottles and applicators that hold those formulas. It’s all in the details, be it the spoon applicator enclosed with our eye creams and moisturizers or the medicine dropper applicator of our serums, which reaches down to the base of the product to ensure you extract the last bit of liquid.

734087_372004912896338_995926987_nWhat sets La Prairie apart from other skin care brands?
Since La Prairie’s inception, we have developed products that combine the highest standards of purity, advanced scientific technology and ingredients and a reverence towards the Swiss tradition of wholesomeness, effectiveness and efficiency.  We have a reputation for launching unique and efficacious products that truly perform, combining the best in texture, touch, imagination and integrity. We scour the globe for new innovations and usages in ingredients that are highly effective and efficient.

At La Prairie we are also strongly connected to our devoted customers and continue to create and expand collections to meet their product needs. Who but La Prairie would go to the ends of the earth to give you back the most precious resource of all – time.

la prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare ingredient shot

We are obsessed with our Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare.  Tell us about this product.
That’s music to our ears.  The Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare is a truly beautiful and effective serum for the eye area.  Like a facial serum, an eye serum is going to set the stage for more effective results with any product you layer over it. It also is formulated with more targeted ingredients that are delivered to the depths where they’re needed.  The area around our eyes is among the most delicate skin on our face, and with Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare we are able to address five key eye area concerns including lines and wrinkles, dryness, darkness under the eye and puffiness.

The main breakthrough in the Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare is a powerful Platinum Peptide – an optimized compound based on platinum particles combined with an age-fighting peptide.  What’s extraordinary is that through this binding of Platinum with the peptides, this newly formed Platinum Peptide is protected from peptide-destroying enzymes that are naturally occurring in the skin.  Therefore allowing it to work more effectively and longer.  This Platinum Peptide helps enhance firmness, reduce wrinkles in the eye area and improve skin elasticity and hydration.

Beyond long term benefits, we know our clients are looking for results that are immediately noticeable.  Another highlight for me in this formula is a new Lifting and Tightening Complex.  It imparts an instant tensing for a look of lift and firmness that lasts for several hours.LP2

What product would you recommend to a new La Prairie customer?
The first thing I would recommend to a new La Prairie customer would be to visit one of our skilled Beauty Advisors at any of our La Prairie Counters.  Each person’s skin is unique and their skin concerns their own.  It’s important to understand these factors and skincare preferences (including texture preferences), so we can make product recommendations that best suit an individual’s needs and deliver the best results.  La Prairie has a wide array of de-aging collections from which to choose, and we truly have something for everyone.

10455643_619779541452206_1967757217274283627_nAs someone who travels a lot – which product in the line do you never leave without?
It’s so difficult to choose just one.  But specific to traveling and all that our skin goes through while traveling, I never board a plane without La Prairie’s Cellular Cream Platinum Rare. Beyond the delightful texture and high-performance formula, it’s climate-activated moisture matrix adjusts to changing humidity levels and skin’s temperature for continuously perfect hydration. No matter what climate I’m traveling to, it adjusts accordingly.

There are some beautiful gift boxes available for the Holidays, which one is on your wish list this holiday season?
On my wish list this year would have to be the Eternal Platinum gift set. I am a devout Platinum fan and included in this set is the complete Platinum Collection housed in a beautiful gift box. It represents the apex of luxury, and a tremendous value.


Thank you to Becky and to the team at La Prairie.

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La Prairie is available at Holt Renfrew department stores across Canada