Interview: Marie from Vu Sunglass

IMG_9263I just pick out the most beautiful pair of Miu Miu sunglasses thanks to the convenient service of eyewear company VU SUNGLASS. The Montreal based store was founded in 1985, and their online store provides a highly coveted selection of designer brands at extremely compelling prices.


For their at home trial service, VU Sunglass let’s you pick out three styles that are then shipped to your door. This allows you to try on all three before deciding which pair suits you best.  I chose a pair of Tom Ford aviators,  classic black Gucci black, and a pair of tortoise shell Miu Miu’s that ended up picking.

We spoke with founder, Marie Philippe Lebel about VU Sunglass, and the latest trends in eyewear.


What compelled you to create VU SUNGLASS Online?
VU SUNGLASS is the natural extension of the brick and mortar VU established in Montreal since 1985. Having an online platform in todays market is complementary to any retailers business. Also it is an opportunity were you can easily reach out to various market at a lower cost than bricks and mortars. Within this optic, we wanted to have fun with fashion and play along with several unique interpretation of exclusivities, pre-releases, limited editions, established designers, new talents and even forgotten labels. Because eyewear is more technical and in a sense medical we launched a platform with a focus on sunglasses uniquely. We knew that having a focus on sunglasses would provide us with a certain flexibility in terms of building a coveted mix of merchandise.

XC1mCLC3Hf0xq90bAupQ1xWwzW0QDSJFPTAAn8JXauw,D6HetPyP04rJp0dc-IvMHk6ahKP0skztRAuXkP5OlsEWhich sunglass brands are you most excited about having on
We’ve recently added into our selection the brand Komono Crafted by Komono. Komono Crafted is a portfolio of premium level eyewear with high-end materials and details that deserve closer inspection. We were excited to add to our selection a collection were each color, curve and component is an ode to authentic craftsmanship but more importantly were the cost is truly friendly.

QdlmWJ6ZXH4iY2q7Txl3PrPj_C0GiHH3OcOpLDcGjl8,gjTrYjG-h71Wl6UAu5MF-WjNo-B52jf0_p1xmTiKZj0,X9FiMGGghu4_ux07zPIzoSnu6okvBdcxEeMKgLWpAawWhat trends are you seeing in eyewear?
Recently we’ve seen a lot of flat sunglasses. This new modern slim flat profile enhances any timeless and effortless look. Recently this new aesthetics has been seen with Garrett Leight, Acne studio and Elizabeth and James.


We love the Bunny logo. Is there a story behind this choice?
The rabbit came to life when VU first opened, and we still embrace it today in 2015! Its been in the family for 30 years. Mainly, the rabbit symbolizes fast service. On our website, the rabbit starts running when the mouse hovers over it. They are also amicable creatures that love to eat carrots, which of course, are very good for our eyes’ health!

12002915_1051662074856150_50577360148930661_nTell us about the at home sunglass trial
Just like any online purchase we believe that it is important for the consumer to be able to touch feel and see the product they wish to purchase. To avoid the stress of decision-making we give you 30 days to try on 3 pairs of your favourite sunglasses. No hassle and the freedom to ask family and friends what look suits you best. Once your decisions is made you return the pairs you don’t like and keep the one(s) you love.

11231202_1039081722780852_595783301090736358_nNarrowing down the selection to just 3 pairs can be difficult as there are so many great styles to choose from! What advice would you give our readers when picking the right frames for themselves?
I think you must have fun with the process. Considering you can trial 3 frames for 30 days, your selections can most definitely vary. Have fun with the shapes, colors, texture etc.. What remains important is that you feel comfortable wearing either of your selected frames and that they reflect your personality.


Marie’s Favourites

Place for a cocktail

Vacation Destination
Oaxaca Mexico

Hidden Gem in Montreal
Westmount garden house

Drink of choice

Beauty Essential
Coco noir Chanel

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Images courtesy of VU SUNGLASS