Interview: Michael Costello

section_ap_michaelcostelloMichael Costello’s star is rising, FAST! You’ve seen his beautiful gowns on the red carpet, most notably the illusion gown Beyonce wore to the Grammy’s. That dress created a big trend on the red carpet the past few award seasons, skyrocketing his career.

During fashion week, I had the opportunity to go backstage and interview Michael before his runway show. As soon as we were introduced, I was so excited to speak with Michael about his collection. He is friendly, welcoming, and so fun to chat with. His passion for his craft of making clothes is wonderful, and when you see his creations it’s easy to understand why he is so beloved by the women who wear his designs.

michael-costelloLyndi: Tell us about this season’s collection
Michael: My girl this season is a woman who grew up in the gardens. She is planning a midnight botanical soiree, so she’s a darker girl for Spring. Florals for Spring is nothing innovative, but for us its something we’ve never done before. We are so excited to play with this idea of this woman who has a bit of a dark side.

She loves the lightness and beauty of Spring, but she got dirty a little bit. She went towards these darker, richer tones like the pomegranate, and the acai berry colour. She’s edger this season, she’s youthful and fresh. She’s ready to try new silhouettes for Spring 2017.

The accessories look fantastic!
Aren’t they amazing?! I am so excited for the accessories. I wanted to do these bodacious, huge floral crowns for the show. My very good friend since I was 15 years old, Carmen Rose created all the flower crowns for me. We designed the concept together and as they slowly took form, we LOVED them! We then partnered up with Aldo and they created a special shoe for us. Essie nails created the beautiful nail design, and then Ink Blot created the make up look. I feel so blessed to work with such an incredible team that helped put the show does having a show at fashion week mean to you?
It so wonderful to be showcasing at fashion week. This is our fourth official year here. Whenever you come back to the shows, it makes you realize how hard you have worked, and remember all the things that you went through in life, it really is a milestone every time. I’m so appreciative of the opportunity, and its even more special when I can experience it with my Mom and my family.65a5628-edit_orig

Being a fashion designer is no easy feat. What advice do you have for an aspiring fashion designer?
I think you have to truly love what you do, you have to really want to be a fashion designer. You can’t just fall in love with it because it looks cool and fun. If you love it, and its something that you’re so passionate about, and you can’t wait to get up every morning and work on your craft, then its right for you!


Thank to Michael Costello’s team for hosting us.
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