Interview: Kimberley Newport Mimran of Pink Tartan

WeWDLKenG5eZE15wpTVAl34otqtwJLSYTj3r4DmhcGc,keVVr6PzlMk6aqVqY9KxaohZDN0Cra6waEs1O7ThYZwKimberley Newport-Mimran took us in a whole new direction with her Fall/Winter 2015 collection. The chic and polished pieces, styled by 2014 CAFAward winner George Antonopoulos, were certainly the most wearable of all the collections shown during World Mastercard Fashion Week, and took home the prize for Best Collection at the Fashion Magazine awards.

The visual aesthetics of the show were stunning. The models wove in and around the cloud installations that glowed gently, and the design of the runway allowed us to see the collection from all angles. Newport-Mimran said of the inspiration, “It was very 70’s last season, it’s definitely not 70’s this season. It was really more about a mood and a feeling. You’ll really get the mood that I’m in when you see the collection.”

A consistent look from the collection was a belted fur stole in emerald green, chocolate brown and navy, which tied the collection together beautifully. A far more androgynous collection than in the past, the pieces still felt elegant and feminine with cinched, belted waists over fur vests, or paired with a high collared blouse and wide-legged trousers.

Newport-Mimran is known for her use of luxury fabrics, and she stayed true to her passion for textiles during the design process. “That’s really the fundamental part of where I start the design process, and it’s really about the fabrics speaking to me before I even put any design into work. I love luxe fabrics. It’s Fall, I love what I can work with in Fall. There’s real fur, there’s faux fur, there’s beautiful wool qualities. I love a high twist cotton.”

Her husband, Joe Mimran, who recently stepped down from his position as President and Creative Director at Joe Fresh, said, “I think the show was an extremely brave show. It was a coming of age show for Kim in the sense that it was nothing like she’d done before. I think, creatively, she really stepped out of herself. She went into not the most comfortable of areas. She had me listening to Tibetan music for days on end. So, you know, I got a sense of some of <the direction of the collection>, without seeing all of it, of course. And I did see a bit of the collection prior to this, but I didn’t have a complete sense of where the show was going, and I think she did a great job. I loved it!”

Our favourite looks from the collection included a black collared, button-down shirt-dress worn with black mules and a black floor-length blazer-style coat, and a chocolate high-necked blouse worn with extra wide-legged trousers, tweed overcoat and a chocolate, belted fur stole.

In addition to the beautiful Pink Tartan show room in Yorkville, fans of the brand can also shop items from previous seasons at a recently opened discount store in Niagara region.

Collections are also available online at

Backstage images by Carla Evans
Runway images courtesy of Pink Tartan