Karameller Candy

TeZCEpxJyr6Vzu1lxScCvigJhb7B6EKXgt8KvKieJXAKarameller Candy Shop has opened it’s sweet doors in Vancouver.  The Swedish candy shop offers over 100 varieties of candy, each imported from Sweden, free from GMOs, trans fats, and high-fructose corn syrup. 


The store (located at 30-1020 Mainland Street in Yaletown) is designed to reference traditional and modern Scandinavian design elements. Karameller’s branding is designed by Glasfurd & Walker with interior design by Leckie Studio.
We popped by Karameller just before they opened to chat with owner Louise about the her delightful new store and the delicious treats available.
IMG_9290IMG_9230Tell us about Karameller Candy Shop
Karameller, translated from Swedish, means ‘hard candy’ in its various shapes and forms. The concept of Karameller was created from a childhood memory. As a tradition, Swedish children would receive a weekly allowance. Most often, this windfall would be spent on ‘lördagsgodis’, meaning ‘Saturday sweets’.
What inspired you to open a Swedish candy store in Vancouver?
I wanted to do something I was passionate about and I could never quite figure out what that was. While having some of the delicious candy my family sends from Sweden for every occasion I can possibly think of, I realized that bringing this amazing candy and Swedish tradition to Vancouver was it!


What makes Swedish candy different from regular candy?
Swedish candy is produced with high-quality ingredients, and to a very high standard of flavour, texture, and freshness. All our candy is free of GMOs, high-fructose corn syrup, and trans fats. We are also able to offer our customers gluten, gelatin, and sugar-free options, so we can make sure to not deprive anybody of our treats.
IMG_9299IMG_9344Tell us about the interior design of Karameller
We worked closely with Michael Leckie of Leckie Studio  to find an outlet for my Scandinavian taste and sensibilities. Michael really picked up on all my likes, and his design choices and attention to detail really brought the project together. The store has clean lines, bold accents, and a great flow; all in a mere 300 sq. ft. space. We hope the contrast of the store’s black and white details against the popping colours of our candy will help draw people in.
What are your favourite products in the store?
We really love the Karameller Box. It is a collection of 5 jars with a wide variety of tastes and flavours, and is a unique and perfect gift for any occasion. Also, while not actually a product per se, the pick-and-mix concept itself is one of my favourite things about the store. Picking and mixing one’s own candy is such an immersive experience, and it’s just so great to be able to make one’s own bag of treats, with all one’s personal favourites.Karameller 1
Louise’s Favourites
Sorbisar is a mix of licorice and raspberry. When I ask people if they like licorice and they say “no”, they are usually surprised to find out how much they like this particular one. It’s a great introduction to licorice for those that have never tried it.
IMG_9339Sour Peach Lips
The combination of peach flavour, sour start, and sweet finish are a winning combination that we get lots of feedback about.
IMG_9311Caramel Caps
This guy has a creamy liquid toffee and a caramel-flavoured centre, with a milk chocolate shell. No further explanation needed…NOM.


Karameller ships their candy internationally.
The pick-and-mix candy is priced at $3.49/100g and is also sold by the jar in five varieties: The Sweet, The Sour, The Hard Candy, The Mix and The Salty.
The shop will be open Monday to Friday: 11am – 8pm and weekends and holidays: 11am – 6pm.
For more information and to order online, visit
IMG_9387Photos by Jonathon Sanson
and courtesy of Karameller