10155577_509976922458053_4818857622933274239_nMeet Lauren and Mariel Armstrong, the successful design duo and founders of SKOT apparel. You might know them best for their bold and bright designs for PARTYSKIRTS, which have been featured in Teen Vogue, Nylon magazine and on countless style blogs.

The sister’s latest venture is a collaboration with Keds. Lauren and Mariel designed three limited edition patterns:  Geo Stripes, Dalmatian Print, and Multi-Coloured Confetti. These fun, flirty, and super comfy sneakers are perfect to wear this Spring, ideally with a PARTYSKIRT! 

We chatted with Lauren and Mariel to find out more about this collaboration.

Skirts_Group_1How did the Keds x PARTYSKIRTS collaboration come about?
The collaboration actually came from a tweet! We had used Keds in our Spring 2014 shoot. We have always loved Keds so we knew we had to use them when we came up with a tennis themed photo shoot! When we put up the photos on all of our social media channels we heard back from Keds shortly after. We set up a call and the rest is history!

cy9BZeukgQZUp2Z2-zTkg25Nxe3QEiGwVMuICZsywFQKho5ZyEIhceME63bkPMGP2qwQtEgXuKrm0OfhvGLlIAWhat was your design inspiration for the Keds x PARTYSKIRTS collection?
We wanted to create shoes that were fun and playful! Confetti was such a natural fit for us since it screams PARTY! The Dalmation and Geo stripe came from our love for black and white graphic prints.

Many notable bloggers and celebrities have been spotted wearing a PARTYSKIRT. Who were you most excited to see wearing your designs?
We always said our number one blogger to see in a PARTYSKIRTS would be Blaire of Atlantic Pacific! Recently she wore our Navy and White Polka Dot PARTYSKIRT and she looked so adorable! A celebrity that has worn a PARTYSKIRT that we loved was Kelly Ripa. She is so adorable and she always styles her Lady Length so elegantly!

WS3A1409Style blogger Blaire Eadie of Atlantic Pacific wearing a Polka Dot PARTYSKIRT

Every season you produce an editorial featuring the latest collection. What was your inspiration for this shoot?
Our Keds x PARTYSKIRTS shoot was actually one of the easiest shoots we have done! We really wanted it to be simple and classic, so we could let our Keds and PARTYSKIRTS be the focus. We shot it in our own photo studio with our favorite photographer Dennis Gocer of The Collective You.

NjKwSmB4CmPEadV4WmWI3to-hCYWy1PO1yImL17tGGQ2v4zYD6fPaa7kjg2J7SCbh2qiVc95a6RoAOnriBiaAgWhich designer would you love to collaborate with next?
We actually have a huge list of designers and brands that we would LOVE to collaborate. You will have to wait and see what we have up our sleeve, or skirt, for next season!

A91Q0828-copyLifestyle Blogger Monika Hibbs’ shoot featuring Keds x PARTYSKIRTS
Photo by Jamie Lauren

What has been the most memorable moment of your career?
Collaborating with Keds! It was such an exciting moment for us! Not only is it a brand we have always loved it was also so fun to work together! It was also a dream for us when we were featured in Teen Vogue with a PARTYSKIRTS collection just for their readers!

Blogger Krystin of Suburban Faux Pax‘s photoshoot featuring Keds x PARTYSKIRTS 

What is the best part about running your business? 
Getting to do what we love so much everyday! It is always fun to come into work for something you really love and are really passionate about.

What’s next for the PARTYSKIRTS brand?
We are currently planning our Fall 2015 Collection, which will also include more items other than just PARTYSKIRTS! Also stay tuned for a TV appearance!


Vacation Destination
Mariel: Palm Springs
Lauren: Hawaii

Style Icon
Mariel: Harley Vera-Newton
Lauren: Grace Kelly

Coffee Order
Mariel: Unsweetened Ice Tea over coffee
Lauren: Americano, black

Favorite way to relax and unwind
Mariel: Lay in bed with my Boston Terrier, Herb
Lauren: Bubble bath

Favourite Hostess Gift to Give
Mariel: Candle
Lauren: Fresh flowers

Currently listening to
Mariel: My Hype Machine playlist
Lauren: Mariel’s Hype Machine playlist

Guilty Pleasure
Mariel: I have such a big sweet tooth! So probably ice cream.
Lauren: Dark chocolate

zPxpd45zVq4jUHUitMcNkxTnlulPwI3oHjwBZDhUMKM The Keds x PARTYSKIRTS shoes are available at The Hudson’s Bay for $50
You can also purchase the matching PARTYSKIRTS here

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Images courtesy of PARTYSKIRTS