Kiss Perfect Nails


I broke a nail! Sounds so superficial, but breaking one of my lovely long nails before our Ladurée shoot was really annoying. But, I had a solution. How do you achieve perfect nails without a manicurist? With Kiss Gel Nails.

If you have a wedding or special occasion coming up, KISS nails are the ideal quick fix. I like to keep my nails long and almond shaped with the help of a shellac polish. This can make your nails brittle after a while, hence the break. I discovered KISS nails a few months ago and they’ve come in handy so many times. The difference is how you attach them. Not with glue (that wrecks your nails) but with a double sided sticker that’s simple to remove after. Here are the steps for creating KISS perfect nails, in minutes.

Kiss 8Kiss 2KISS Gel Nails can be found at most drug stores. I picked mine up from London Drugs. There are lots of designs to choose from. I personally like the longer nails, but they have a variety of shapes and lengths available. You could do a whole set, or just an accent like I did to fix my nail. Kiss 3

If you prefer to use the glue, it comes with the pack, but the stickers are what sets this product apart. Kiss 4Cut the broken nail and clean it up with a nail file. Ideally remove any shellac product left over. You can also pant a thin base layer of clear or vitamin E polish.
Kiss 6All the gel nails are numbered, as are the stickers. Line up the guide next to your nails to select the right size. The stickers are double sided. Peel off the correct size and stick it to your nail. Once its securely fastened, peel off the top part of the sticker and apply the gel nail. Be sure to line up the nail and your nail bed as closely as possible. This is a one shot deal!

Kiss 5If you want the nail to be more pointy, you can file down the sides. I usually do this step before attaching the nail and do touch ups once its attached.

Kiss 7

And Voila! Perfectly manicure nails in 5 minutes. Cee wore Kiss Nails for our shoot too, just in the shorter version. Aren’t they pretty? Sometimes, you just need your nails to be on point and with KISS nails, you’ll have photo shoot ready nails in no time.

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  • Love this idea and especially love how pretty & sparkly the nails look. Can’t wait to try them!! xo

  • Sepideh

    They’re super pretty! But I’ve been hesitant about these – how long do they last?? I feel like I would have to be super careful with my hands while I have these on..

    • It definitely depends on how hard your are on your nails. Mine last about a week, but realistically 3 – 5 days. They give you extra stickers so you can always reapply