Marula Oil

We were introduced to Marula oil a few weeks ago, and became instant fans. Sourced from the fruit of the Marula tree, sustainably hand harvested in South Africa, Marula oil has the most incredible healing properties. The oil is light, fast absorbing, and has been clinically proven to reduce redness. 

We spoke with Teresa Cutidioc, VP of Global Marketing to learn more about this incredible product.

11742624_733180893458036_4050232752784936730_nWhat makes Marula oil so unique?
Marula Pure Beauty Oil™ is wild-harvested, hand processed and cold pressed.  Most marula oil producers machine process their kernels and refine their oil under extreme temperatures, leaving the oil depleted of all its natural nutrients. Other marula oil producers lack the technology to safely remove dissolved water, bacteria and mold from unrefined marula oil, leaving it full of harmful free-radicals. Marula Pure Beauty Oil uses a proprietary, on-site method of cold-filtering and gently cleansing marula oil to 0.01 microns (twice pharmaceutical grade) to ensure the safety and integrity of our products. 10653354_591581120951348_519992559924318773_n

We control the entire process from tree to shelf! Our Pure Marula Oil is clinically proven and doctor-endorsed.  Our Pure Marula Oil is packed with 60% more antioxidants than other oils tested (such as argan oil).  It is rich in omega fatty acids (3,6 & 9), Stearic, Palmitic and Oleic acids.  Stearic and Palmitic Acids protect the skin against water loss and dehydration.  These fatty acids form a proactive layer on the skin trapping in moisture and prolonging skin hydration.  Pure Marula Oil has 70% Oleic Acid.  Due to this high content of Oleic Acid, Pure Marula Oil is fast absorbing, deeply penetrating and able to seal in moisture.  Oleic Acid’s ability to go deeper into the skin allows it deliver key nutrients deeper into the skin. 

Marula Pure Beauty Oil™ is also anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and has been clinically proven to reduce redness. 

gbGhAvgaa1H0tCGWMvzPL6X0k8HwEgChvM49vjM72qETell us about the harvesting process:
Our Pure Marula Oil comes from marula fruit sustainably hand harvested from wild marula trees in Southern Africa and Madagascar.  Marula fruit naturally drops to the ground between February and March, depending on the season, which may be affected by changes in climate.  They are never picked from the tree.

1149243_685073471602112_6334063641594309625_oThe marula fruit is gathered by the rural women and brought to their homes. Each marula nut is carefully extracted from the marula fruit.  The marula nuts are laid out on cloths to dry.  The drying process takes approximately 4-6 weeks.  Once dried, the women hand-cut the marula nuts to expose the kernels inside. Only the purest blonde kernels are selected and cold-pressed without heat or chemicals.

l6wgxHmECfAVqw8Fpr0EWcCuI161oGb4NmqU98wUSykThis process ensures that Marula Pure Beauty Oil™ contains only the highest amount of natural nutrients & beneficial properties possible in every bottle.

What are some of the key products in the Marula line?
The Pure Marula Facial Oil, Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, Hair Treatment and Styling Oil and Daily Moisture Mist.10406489_621607534615373_790895126386474364_n
Tell us about how Marula is giving back to the community in South Africa?
In addition to providing the highest quality products, empowering women is very important to us at Marula Pure Beauty Oil.  Women across Africa and Madagascar work in partnership with us to wild harvest the fallen marula fruit, hand crack the nuts and carefully select only the purest blonde kernels to be cold-pressed for Pure Marula Oil.  We purchase the kernels from these women at fair trade prices. 


Marula Pure Beauty Oil has empowered thousands of women with Fair Trade income.  In most cases, these women were the sole income earners for their immediate and extended families. 

This year South Africa experienced severe drought.  This affected communities across South Africa.  The drought inhibited their ability to grow their own food.  However, the income earned from Marula Pure Beauty Oil allowed them to buy dry goods, feed their families and send their children to school.

The only by-product in processing Marula Oil is a high protein seed cake which we provide for free to rural communities / farmers for use as animal feed.  We also support kindergarten and education in the communities we have partnerships with.

Where can our readers find Marula oil?
Sephora, and

To our readers who are new to Marula, what product would you suggest they try first? Definitely our Pure Marula Facial Oil. That is out signature product that is 100% pure Marula oil.10487482_653319008110892_4347414266592467952_n

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