Met Moments

met-mainWhenever we travel, visiting art galleries is always a part of our itinerary. Especially when visiting a city like New York, home to the Metropolitan Museum. The Met is grand and filled with an abundance of monumental treasures. So many that you have to make a list so you don’t miss any of your must sees.


Honestly, I could of spent another full day at The Met. There are rooms upon rooms of incredible things to discover. We made our lists of must sees and set out exploring the museum. We met up on the roof of the museum at lunch to take in the beautiful views of the city and exchanged tips on what we had found. We added to our lists and off we went again. Our day spent at the Met was definitely a favourite

Given my love for art galleries, I also love a good art documentary too. I was so happy to see The First Monday in May released on Netflix, especially after just visiting the Met! Combining art and fashion, this documentary follows the journey of putting together the Met Costume Institute’s exhibit and, the famous ball, The Met Gala. The film is a feast for the eyes. A behind the scenes view of this process is fascinating, and is beautifully captured.

As Anna Wintour says in the opening credits of the film, ‘Fashion can create a dream, can create a fantasy. But there might be some questions as to if fashion belongs in a museum like the Met.’ The film takes you on the journey of curator Andrew Bolton and his team putting together the show, and Anna Wintour planning the Met Gala. The exhibit was ‘China, through the looking glass’ showcasing how Chinese film and culture have in influences designer’s creations, like Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, and John Galliano.

My favourite part of the film was an interview with designer John Galliano, on his work for the house of Christian Dior. We haven’t seen Mr Galliano interview in years. He speaks so beautiful about the craft of making clothes. He is a true artist, as are so many of the talents featured in this film. When you see the couture pieces, even on a screen, you understand immediately why the garments belong in a museum. They are true works of art, to be treasured and celebrated.


Top: H&M
Jeans: Mavi
Shoes: Town Shoes
Purse: Chanel
Bracelet: The Peach Box