yBjeBzzzUjcZFNjoVjDswbuKUA5dL7H91r61KUVeCa0Holt Renfrew is thrilled to be hosting a 2 week pop up shop for the French brand, MIU MIU. We received a sneak peek of the Resort collection earlier this week, which will be available at Holt Renfrew until 18 December. Inspired by the swinging sixties, the collection features beautiful pieces in shades of sky blue, navy and white along with exquisite furs. A small, but spectacular selection of jewelry and handbags are also currently available.

Cw4886gGTBWpFxfMTDF04Q6nDbY3HoVCcwCN2GqRfkMZ4nKwwvmLcUisdgV_GKGrB8gyyIIbB-KUyTFL9xOfjgGjKtXRKInuYrUWfDWIxWQ-31tPx54WeYAEy1T1-LDMgThis is the first time the luxury company has hosted a pop up shop. The Resort collection on display has been designed by Mrs Prada to be quite season-less, with the intention that the pieces will fit easily into an already existing wardrobe.

CjkTHN-6fjtqW0JmDKfdrlqJDMlIA8dlQutjIVymYEMRIN5hCFE4MH5zKC3I4iJdWB7PM8KZph7nxkzTKfMi5Mn2QeDkv8F0OQNRf7ajNV5vFPOZqiyuAh8vLEarfm-ccNano9QW_B7xNBSbDqlvSuJobEg69FEqVnJHzwvedlYcThere are no immediate plans for a permanent place for MIU MIU at Holt Renfrew, so it’s a treat for us the have the collection in Vancouver. The response from Holt Renfrew’s clientele has already been overwhelming. Clients have already placed holds on pieces, before the pop up even opened!


The MIU MIU pop up shop will be at Holt Renfrew from December 4th – 18th.
For more information visit holtrenfrew.com

Photos by Ghazal Elhaei