Nailing it with CND and Onyx Aesthetics

Nails 1My favourite beauty service is a fresh manicure. If you follow me on instagram, you know I love my long, natural nails. Almond shaped! I’m blessed with good nail genes, but having a shellac manicure definitely helps keep my nails long and looking polished.


The only issue with most gel manicure is that after two or three applications, your natural nails can start to thin. A lot of this is due to the harsh removal process. I was invited by CND to the newly opened nail and aesthetics studio Onyx, in Gastown to preview their Spring collection. The key to the CND Shellac manicure? The removal process is MUCH gentler on your nails, so it won’t ruin your nails as quickly. Not to mention the Onyx manicurists are fantastic nail artists!

Onyx Aesthetics opened a few months ago, and is quickly becoming the go to location for expertly applied Nail Art. Their instagram is filled with beautiful and creative designs. I chose this pink colour, with gold foil tape, and 1 glitter nail. The shellac cures under UV light in 10 seconds!! So much faster than regular shellac.

After two week, none of my nails had broken and the the polish stayed intact. I’ve had many shellac manicures and usually by day 14, the corners of the vanish are starting to lift. Not this time. When I returned for my next appointment, Onyx owner Linda painted my nails in light blue ‘Creekside’ polish before painting little triangle pattern in silver glitter on each of my nails.


It’s still a gel manicure, so even though CND’s varnish is more delicate and the removal process is lighter, its important to give your nails a break every three or four manicures. After I removed the shellac, I gave my nails a two week break so they could breath. Now I’m rotating through CND’s Spring collection of regular polishes.

The CND top coat is one of the best I’ve ever tried! It goes on smoothly, drys quickly, and give the nail polish a really tough outer coating. The best part is that it’s super easy to remove! Most thicker top coats are impossible to remove, which is hard on your nails. This wipes off quickly and efficiently. I will be going back for a shellac manicure very soon, but in the meantime, I’m really happy with how long lasting their regular polish is.


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