Olive + Piper Jewelry

When we discovered Olive + Piper, we were instant fans. Founded by Tania Yan in 2012, Olive + Piper is a curated collection of beautiful jewelry, perfectly suited to add a little sparkle to every outfit.

We chatted with Tania to hear more about her business, and what her favourite items are for the Holiday season.

ay45Ne0fedhWNg3SZosnQov-ohMwun8uGwYeXJMd5YYTell us about Olive + Piper
olive + piper is a little jewelry boutique out of Vancouver for stylish, playful and ambitious girls who like sparkly things! We started in 2012 carrying a curated collection of jewels, and have now expanded that to include in-house designed pieces that we absolutely love!nJLLIXY7bKy7STe2JBKOkpu6ZCMuCDxxWQQwVrDr91Q,LuxFPibhlsUlhhY5ZHZCx82v77U9hIbYdZ4F9UtKYLUWhat compelled you to create Olive + Piper?
I really wanted to build something from the ground up, and working in the online industry, an eCommerce site seemed like the best (and least risky) idea. I wanted be hands on with all the components of starting a business and building a site. I chose jewelry because it’s my thing – some girls love their make-up, handbags, shoes – I love my jewelry (but I’m also obsessed with shoes)!7KvJ9iKXE6pSihvw09eKX154A4jc1Z6eFDLf6nt921Y,0e-MAdcWUUsulEdCwGgxUy3A1i1VxrwNCGyFU6PuStIYour workspace is so pretty! What inspired the design?
Thanks! Honestly, it’s a mixture of functionality and just what I like! The space isn’t huge, so I stuck to light colors to keep the space feeling larger and less cluttered (and pops of gold and happy colors, of course!). I think the best thing to do when trying to design a space is pick out all the different styles you like – Pinterest is a great resource – and then figuring out what kind of space you’d want to be in every day. I picked what’s fresh, happy and motivational to me.34c8UE9DUhJcGgmAcH9wUC_dRgHhQyBCzUyTdBKBy_k,iEwLNsxN70JmalgwsulQvTz9n6Sd4PvjLvCfm45wrvEHow would you describe the Olive + Piper style?
The olive + piper girl is versatile in her style – she loves a bold and eye-catching statement but she also loves layering delicate pieces to create her own look. She’s open to exploring her style and knows that jewelry has the power to really make and complete your look. She’s anything but plain!Olive + Piper 1What’s a typical morning like for you?
I (try to) get up at 7:30am every morning and check my phone with one eye open. I splash cold water on my face to help me wake up, and make breakfast – which is usually a fruit and veggie shake. Walk the puppy, Ollie, and then settle in at my desk. I try to get some reading done – news sites, online fashion magazines, etc. before taking a look at how we performed the day before. Before you know it, it’s 9 and my co-worker’s in!

12122960_1073251439405507_3741018946959353871_nWhat O+P items are you most excited to wear this Holiday season?
Oh, that’s such a hard one! We have so many newly designed pieces coming in soon and I’m so excited for all of them! I’m really into layering delicate necklaces right now and love mixing between the Taylor Necklace, Richie Necklace and Gypsy Necklace – these are all layered and convertible, so you can remove one of the strands and wear it alone, or mix it with a piece from another set. To create dimension, throwing in the Vesper Pendant is great! For those holiday parties, I’m really loving the limited edition Lucy necklace in a gorgeous metallic gold, and also the Jasmine Headpiece – our first one!

how-to-wear-all-white-shorts-3-olive_piperWhat is your favourite part about running the Olive + Piper brand?
I’d have to say getting to work with all different types of companies and people! There are so many ways to get creative, collaborate and market your brand – people have such amazing ideas and it’s great to surround yourself with those who are driven and inspirational, even if they’re not in the same industry. You meet a lot of talented people and make new friends too!olive-piper-macaron-blogWhat advice would you have for an aspiring entrepreneur?
Believe in what you’re doing and don’t give up. It’s hard and it’s not as glamorous as people may think – despite being your own boss and having flexibility. If it’s your main thing, there’s a lot riding on it. So have passion, and always keep the bigger picture in mind. It’s so easy to get lost and consumed in all the day to day things you need to do – and trust me, there’s a LOT! Lastly – know that things will go wrong. Don’t dwell on them for too long. Pick yourself up and move on.Olive + Piper 2What’s next for Olive + Piper?
We started designing our own pieces this year and getting into retail stores, which has been a new channel for us. It’s been going well, and we want to introduce more of our own pieces in the next year and partner with more boutiques. We love what we do and want to share it with as many people as we can!


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Getting cozy around the Christmas tree

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Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

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Caesars (spicy, please)

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Maldives (haven’t been yet!)

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To Shop Olive + Piper, visit oliveandpiper.com

Photo credits: Ainsley Rose and Nadia Hung