Blue Jeans Baby

Do you ever feel like you're missing a certain item in your wardrobe? A few weeks ago I was getting ready to go to an event and realized 'I have any no summer jeans!!

Smart Luxury

Are you snapchatting? I am, and it’s addictive. It’s such a fun platform to share more of a ‘real’ story.

Chanel Cruise in Cuba

¿Qué bolá Coco? The Chanel Cruise runway show took place in Havana on the island of Cuba. The American fashion press arrived in Cuba two hours before the first U.S.

It All Begins With Water

It all begins with Water. A resource that is incredibly precious, and essential. Tomorrow, Cee and I will be attending Obakki’s Walk for Water benefit at Holt Renfrew.

Walk for Water Benefit

The fashion industry’s top models from South Sudan and Canada are coming together for an evening of fashion and philanthropy.

Mother’s Day Monogram

Mother’s Day and my Mother’s birthday are both in May, so I’m always on the look out for the perfect gift. This year, I’m looking for something monogrammed.

5 Favourites: Spring Refresh

Spring is in full swing and I’m ready to refresh, aren’t you?! This is the perfect time of year to organize, declutter and get ready for the new season.

The Prada Party

Prada is the newest addition to Vancouver’s luxury shopping market.