Welcome to London Town

There is a lot to Love about London. It’s one of my favourite places to visit and we definitely made the most of our time in the city.

Whats in my carry on

Trains, planes and automobiles, we’ve taken many over the past few weeks. We’re wrapping up our European adventure, which has been nothing short of spectacular.

Making the Most of your Travel Time

When I travel, I always want to make the most of my time in that location. If you’re like me, you research the destination online, and make your list of must see places.

Cheerio Vancouver, Hello London

And we’re off! Jonathon and I so exciting to be flying to London, England today before heading to Prague and Paris.

A Morning with Monet

One of my favourite things to do on a weekend morning is visit the Vancouver Art Gallery.

EOS Crystal

eos or Evolution of Smooth hosted us in New York earlier this month for the launch of their latest lip balm, Crystal.

A Manhattan Moment

I first fell in love with Manhattan on a trip to the United States when I was 13.

In a New York Minute

The start to August was an absolute, wonderful whirlwind. I was invited to New York on press trip with beauty brand EOS for the launch of their latest lip balm, EOS Crystal.

Travel Calling: Tofino / Ucluelet

Beautiful British Columbia – it’s true! If you’ve ever visited BC, you know it’s one of the most spectacular parts of the world.

Long Beach, Tofino

Surfing haven, Tofino is a remote destination located on Vancouver Island.

Sun Kissed

Even though I’m South African, my skin is naturally pale. My British genes on my Dad’s side are strong, and achieving a natural tan is a challenge.