Pro Fiber by L’Oréal Professionnel

L1L’Oréal Professionnel’s latest hair care system, Pro Fiber, is being called a revolutionary technology. It’s the first hair repair system to target all levels of hair damage, with long lasting results.

Pro Fiber 2The three step process, completed in salons, determines the level of damage your hair is experiencing. With the handy app, your hair stylist can pin point exactly which system is best for you. I was invited to Suki’s Salon in downtown Vancouver to test out the products for myself. Here’s what I found:

The Consultation 
I sat down with a stylist who asked me questions to do with my hair, and entered my answer into the app. Do I colour my hair? How often do I shampoo? Do I use heat appliances? We determined my hair was slightly damaged, and I needed the Revive program. This is the product in the pink bottles. For damaged hair, it would be the blue, and for very damaged hair, the purple.

The science of how it works:
Pro Fiber repairs the hair on all structural levels. Surface and internal. The ceramides and cationic polymer fill in the surface fractures of the hair, and fortify the cuticle layer – making the surface soft, supple, shiny, and less porous. Reduced drying time and long lasting hair color retention. The Aptyl 100 strengthens and repairs the hair at it’s deepest structure , the cortex. Leaving the hair fiber fortified and resistant to damage.

L4How does the prolong system work?
After my treatment, I was given product to take home. I used the prescribed shampoo that regenerates the active treatment ingredients and prolong the results. I was also given a ‘Recharge’ product to use every four shampoos in place of conditioner. The recharge refills the hair with the Aptyl 100- which refortifying the hair structure, and bringing your hair back to the results of the original treatment. L5The Results
After my salon treatment, my hair was incredible soft, and smelt really good! I used the recharge product a few weeks later and I immediately noticed the results. About 5 years ago I was blonde. Very, very blonde. It’s taken me years for me to get the health of my hair back and I feel like L’Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber gave my hair the boost it really needed.

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