Style Calling is proud to present Summer Calling; a 4 part trend series focusing on key looks for your favourite activities during the summer season. We’ve partnered up with some of our favourite brands to bring you the ultimate style guide.

I find when it comes to dates, I’m always in one of two situations: extremely underdressed or completely overdressed. Though I believe it’s always better to be overdressed, it can sometimes be a bit much when you find yourself in heels and a LBD and your partner took you out to a surprise picnic on the beach. Oops?

The Style Calling girl is always prepared for any situation. We dress to impress but remember that versatility and function always take part in our everyday lives. With this in mind, we created a look that works for any occasion. We took a pair of slim-cut, cropped white pants and paired it with a silk, printed top. Using the accent colours within the print as inspiration, we picked a soft pink and gold chained necklace and a pair of cobalt blue, sandal heels with straps to complete the look. Less is always more if you can find a balance within the entire look. By focusing on colours and tones that complimented the blouse, the look in turn was effortlessly on trend.
For Tea’s beauty look, we kept her hair fresh with perfectly soft summer curls, with half of her hair pulled back. For her make-up, we focused on emphasizing her amazing skin through bronzer and blush and keeping the rest of her look simple with a nude lip and lined eyes.
For the fellas, it’s almost too easy. We kept the look simple by having Rio wear fitted dress pants, a button-up long sleeved shirt and a pair of neutral dark oxfords. The key in finding the perfect look is finding a colour or tone that compliments your skin tone or brings out your eyes. For Rio, we found an incredible blue and white shirt that made his eyes pop. If you have green or blue eyes, a shirt in jewel tones or a less saturated version of the colour can really bring your eyes. For those with brown eyes, earth tones and rich tones of red and brown can really make the world’s difference. Bear in mind your skin tone, so the darker the skin the richer the tone. It takes time and practice, but with enough trial and error, it’s an easy formula to nail.
IMG_8766 copy
All clothing, accessories and shoes courtesy of Le Chateau.

Photography: Torquille De Jonge 
Styling, Production and Words: Ghazal Elhaei
Stylist Assistants: Jerome Insorio, Tara Marie Rose, Albian Kwok
Make-up: Debbie Slater
Hair: Joshua Malcolm

Models: Tea and Rio of Lizbell Agency