Summer Nail Colours We Love

 Peach Nails
1. OPI- The Beige of Reason  2. Nars – Seashell pink 2. Essie – peach side babe


Nude nail polish is a classic shade like ballerina pink and apple red. Neutral colours are perfect for that barely there, but polished look. The best way to pick your shade is to match your nail polish to your skin tone.
Beige Nails
1. OPI – Tanacious Spirit 2. Deborah Lippman – Shifting Sands 3. Essie – Brides to be


A shimmery white nail polish is a nice departure from from the popular plain white colour from last season. Pearlescent white is bright, light and perfect for summer.
White Nails1. OPI – Pearl of Wisdom 2. Butter – Cotton Buds  3. Essie – private weekend


Blue nail polish has become a super popular colour this summer. There are so many shades of blue to choose from, but we’re loving the lightest tones of blue like OPI’s Eternally Turquoise.
Blue Nails1. OPI – Eternally Turquoise 2. Butter – Periwinkle Blue 3. Essie – Saltwater Happy
Yellow nail polish is the new ‘IT’ colour this summer, although it can be a tough shade to pull off. We’re liking the creamier yellow tones like Essie’s Chillato. It’s bold, but in a softer way than a bright neon.

Yellow Nails

1. OPI – Bee Mine Forever 2. Jin Soon – Charme 3. Essie – Chillato

Main images via pinterest