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Lyndi Blo Profile

The sunshine season is almost complete, and it has been wonderful. We spent some time at a cottage on a lake earlier this summer, and since returning we have been enjoying West Coast life. It’s been a busy season, but I’ve really enjoyed the longer evenings and lots of time outside.

I was really excited to be VITA Magazine’s influencer for their Summer issue. The theme was CITRUS, and who doesn’t love that this time of year? As part of the feature, I was interviewed by the magazine, which you can check out below. It was also a great excuse to take a new headshot!

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Interview with VITA Magazine

Hi Lyndi! Tell us a little bit about you and what do you do!

I specialize in fashion media relations. I run a blog called Style Calling where I cover fashion, beauty, trends and events from an industry insider’s prospective. I also teach various fashion marketing programs including styling, PR and fashion show production.

How do you use your platform to impact those who follow you?

I love sharing my knowledge and passion for the industry with the wonderful audience I’ve grown over the last few years. From the runway shows I attend at Paris Fashion Week to my fashion lessons and industry tips, social media is a fantastic way to connect, and be reminded just how small the world is.

What’s your personal style mantra?

Fashion should be fun. Wear what makes you feel good. Support brands you can be proud of, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Ah, summertime! What are some of your favourite things to do, in the city and beyond, once the warm weather hits?

I’m so happy it’s finally summer! I love riding my bike on the seawall, stopping by a sunny patio and enjoying time at the beach. Whenever I can escape the city, I head home to Whistler to spend time at the lakes and hike up the mountain.

Any summer holiday plans this year?

We’re heading to Ontario this month for some R&R lakeside at a cottage. It’s very different from B.C., so I’m excited to experience summer on both sides of Canada.

Summer Citrus Pick

I also contribute to VITA Magazine on a regular basis. I was thrilled to have my interview with designer Edeline Lee published in this issue too. While I was in London for Fashion Week, I interviewed Edeline. Her presentations was one of the best shows I’ve ever attended. She is originally from Vancouver, but now resides in London and is taking the fashion scene by storm.

Check out my interview with Edeline below.

VITA Summer 2019

Read the full interview Here