Tadashi Shoji Fall 2015

LOCATION: The Salon at Lincoln Centre
INSPIRATION: Beauty of Flight
FRONT ROW: Kesha and Miss J Alexander

240ac76a0033213c0cf4b5ea5a13d050Close your eyes and imagine yourself drifting through the sky. Soaring into the upper reaches of the atmosphere, free from the forces of gravity. That is the feeling the Tadashi Shoji show embodied. Inspired by the Beauty of Flight, the ambience of the collection was light and airy.  The whimsical diaphanous fabrics fluttered beautifully as each model walked down the runway.

Patterns focused on the mechanical side that allows flight, featuring propellers in motion and drive gears emblazoned with nautical symbols. Airplane mechanics influenced the overall metallic embroideries of copper, gold and silver burnish luxe knits. Ethereal silhouettes evoked a feeling of weightlessness.
Conversely, silhouettes and cuts demonstrated the physical action of wind taking hold of the body with strategically draped silks, light hand-frayed tulle, and floating sheer.

Shoji’s signature gowns closed the show in beautiful shades of ruby red, dark purples and greens. A remix of James Bond Skyfall played as the romantic and dramatic tulle gowns walked the runway.

Review by Tara Rose
Images courtesy of Tadashi Shoji