The best sleeves from Gucci

12734006_10153821100776013_2858041482099488178_nAs soon as I looked at the images from the Gucci Fall 2016 show, I bookmarked the page to share with my students.

In my Fashion Elements class, we talk about various types of garments. One of the sections we talk about is sleeves, and the latest Gucci collection showcased a beautiful selection.

I was thrilled to see examples of Gigot, Bishop and Bell sleeves. Gigot sleeves, also known as leg-o-mutton (I prefer Gigot, pronounced G-Go) were featured on coats, blazers and gowns. This sleeve is full from the shoulder, and tapers at the elbow to the wrist. It doesn’t have a seam around the arm (that would make it a Juliette sleeve.)

It’s such a pretty sleeve, we don’t see too often. I loved it on the light beige trench coat – a very chic take on a classic trench.

Alessandro Michele has been the Creative Director for Gucci for a year and his latest collection has been met with rave reviews. Fall 2016 was all about colour, featuring bright red, yellow and turquoise, with sherbet hues like pink and lilac.

Along with all the gorgeous sleeves, the graphic prints, colourful fur, ruffles,  disco sandals and fedoras all made for a delightful presentation. Gucci is said to be a leading trend setting brand at the moment, so I’m curious to see what elements will make it into the high street stores next Fall.

Images via Gucci