The Brooklyn Bridge

bb3 The iconic Brooklyn Bridge is a marvellous sight to see. We knew we wanted to spend some time in Brooklyn on our trip, and a relaxed Sunday in Brooklyn sounded ideal. We spent the morning slowly making our way over the bridge, and taking a few photos along the way.bb7bb4bb5After crossing the bridge and walking along the promenade we made our way into Brooklyn Heights for brunch. My aunt and uncle lived in Brooklyn Heights for many years, and I have fond memories spending time in the area. The Brownstones and small streets are so quintessential New York and filled with character. We meandered our way through the adorable apartment building making our way to Heights Cafe. We sat on their patio, enjoyed coffee, eggs and avocado toast and kept an eye out for cute puppies. Brooklyn Heights is home to many, many adorable dogs!bridge-1bb2bb6bb1

In the afternoon, Cee and I took the subway back into Manhattan for the J.Crew presentation in Soho, while the boys headed off for BBQ and Beers in Williamsburg. Everyone had a memorable, relaxing day. Sundays in this city are just the best.bb10

Dress: Gentle Fawn
Hat: Lack of Colour
Heels: Le Chateau
Purse: Mezzi
Sunglasses: H&M