The Gap is Open

gap-mainOne of the coolest events we attending during New York Fashion Week was The Gap is Open. Located in Tribeca, Gap hosted a group of local artists who were creating and customization items for the guests. The event hashtag: #DoYou

gap1gap-6gap4At the entrance, artists from lqqk studio were silkscreening limited edition Gap tshirts and tote bags. You could chat with the artist, choose a silk screen print and custom design an item to take home. Insta famous embroiderer Marie-Sophie Lockhart was  on site to add fun motifs to your Gap denim, along with a delightful selection of Pintrills emoji pins.

There was also a special collection of vintage Gap pieces, curated by Haley Wollens, alongside an edited assortment of new fall product. Haley sourced the product from vintage stores and it was so fun to see what she had found. gap-9gap-10gap-8Along the wall was a magazine collective, called Endless Edition. This collaboration aims to fuse curatorial and printing experiences of both individuals and highlight artists, no matter what their experience. Endless Edition produces limited edition books, prints, and events. We flipped through a few of the awesome e.zines, titles like, Sade Dada, my personal favourite.


gap-5gap-11gap-2We chatted with the curator about the local publishing house, and let us know we could take home an ezine. It was hard to choose, had to grabbed the Sade Dada, which was my favourite.

This was such a fun afternoon, and such an unique event. Thank you to The Gap and all the artists for a truly awesome experience.