Walk The World with Element Hotels


Element Hotel has partnered with FitBit for their latest global campaign. Walk the World is a virtual walk that invites fitness fans across the globe to log their steps together and complete a virtual trek from Canada to China.

The campaign was designed to encourage all of us to add extra steps to our daily routine, the 12,000 mile walk (which is roughly 24 million steps) is the distance between the Element Hotel Vancouver Metrotown in Vancouver and the Element  Hotel Suzhou Science and Technology Town, in Suzhou, China.

We were invited for an overnight stay at Element Hotel and to participate in the event, hosted by LA celebrity fitness instructor Lauren Roxburgh.
elm3670lo.168894_xx elm3670lo.170774_xxWe arrived at the beautiful hotel located opposite Metrotown in Burnaby after work. Our suite was incredibly spacious, with stunning views of Burnaby mountain. We settled in, enjoyed a dip in the salt water pool before heading out for dinner at Glowbal Group’s Trattoria, which is located next door to Element Hotel.
elm3670gr.170776_xx elm3670gr.168906_xx elm3670gb.168905_xxThe amenities at Element include a beautiful salt water pool, hot tub and sauna, a fitness centre and laundry service. Every morning guests can enjoy a full, complimentary breakfast. The delicious and large selection includes cereal, bagels, muffins, pastries, hot breakfast wraps, yogurt, granola along with juice, tea and coffee. We had a wonderful stay at Element, and wished we could stay longer!

elm3670po.168911_xx elm3670po.168910_xxelm3670rf.168916_xxBright and early the next morning we met up with our media friends in the lobby of the hotel. We were each given a FitBit to keep rack of our steps through out the morning, and were introduced to fitness instructor Lauren Roxburgh who would be guiding our class.

We interviewed Lauren after our morning stretch class about her partnership with Element Hotel and her fitness philosophies.

Foam Rolling 2_WTW

Tell us about your collaboration with Walk The World
I’m thrilled to be part of Walk The World because the simple act of walking is one of the best exercises there is and it’s something that is available to everyone any time and any where. As someone who is on the road a lot with my work I find that walking is not only a great way to get some exercise, but also a wonderful way to check out the sights in a new city – and to take a moment to connect to your body and your breathe and reflect on life.

What is Foam Rolling, and why is it so effective?
The foam roller is a simple foam tube that can completely transform your body, core, posture – and even you state of mind!  The pressure the roller creates when you roll on it can help elongate and smooth out your fascia (the thin, elastic layer that wraps the muscles and organs like shrink wrap and helps give shape to our bodies). Using the roller can literally roll away excess bulk, thickness, stress and density while also boasting circulation, lubrication to the tissue, which makes the skin and muscle look and feel more supple and youthful. Rolling also stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps flush toxins, get rid of bloating and even reduces bulk and cellulite. Believe it or not, a regular rolling routine can help you lose inches, shrink your waistline, gain height and even feel calmer. I know because I’ve seen it have that affect on myself and many of my clients!

Most people think of the roller as a tool to roll out tight IT bands but used in the right way the roller can be so much more! I’ve developed a program that uses the roller as the basis of a total body workout tool that actually mimics many of the moves on the Pilates Reformer (think long and lean celeb bodies)! And one of the best things about the roller – its accessible, affordable, lightweight and easy to travel with. You can purchase my favourite roller here.Foam Rolling Demo_Walk the World Sept 30 copy

Tell us about your signature technique, Taller Slimmer Younger:
After years of working one-on-one with clients, I’ve taken all of my knowledge and passion and created a signature technique that is outlined in my book ‘TALLER, SLIMMER, YOUNGER: 21-days to a foam roller physique’. (published by Ballantine-Random House on Feb 2, 2016, and available for pre-sale here.)

It’s a holistic mind-body program that combines the benefits of self-care (myofascial release) with a total body workout that builds core strength and mental focus while sculpting and toning the body, while also improves the overall alignment of the body.  And getting the body into correct alignment is crucial to improve posture, reduce pain, create a longer and leaner and more youthful physique and even boost metabolism and calm the nervous system.

I see so many people over-exercising and suffering as a result or starving themselves to try and lose weight and I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to do this to get the results you want. I’ve spent 15 years in my ‘lab’ working with clients and following my program I’ve seen all of them lose weight and literally reshape their bodies, often even gaining an inch in height in the process – hence the name: ‘Taller, Slimmer, Younger’.

Foam Rolling 3_WTW

What is your favorite way to work out?
Obviously the foam roller is my go-to, but rebounding became a secret weapon – especially to get back in shape after our daughter was born! It’s fun and effective with just 10 minutes of jumping a day, the fat and stress will melt away!
Read more about it here

Your clientele includes some major celebrities. Who has been one of your favourite people to work with?
I’ve been truly blessed to work with some of the biggest names in sports, business and the media. While I can’t reveal my secrets, Professional Athletes are amazing to work with because they are so incredibly in tune with their bodies and respond so quickly.

What advice would you say to someone who says ‘I don’t have time to work out’:
We all have the same amount of time in each day, it’s just what we CHOOSE to do with it. Even a little is better than none when it comes to being active. A 10 minute walk or rebounding session can make a huge difference on your state of your body and mind.

What motivates you to stay fit?
Looking and feeling confident, calm and vibrant.
Park Walk 2_WTW

Lauren’s Favorites

Place to work out
Hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains

Artist / Song to workout to

Drink of Choice
Alkaline Water with lemon or a cold glass of Rose on a summer eve.

Beauty Essential
She Umura Eyelash Curler
Dr. Hauschska Tinted Day Cream for an INSTANT GLOW

Vacation Destination
New Zealand (also my husband’s home)

Hidden Gem in LA
The Self Realization Center Lake Shrine
Pacific Palisades

Syncing Fitbit_Walk the World Sept 30 copyThank you to Lauren, Fitbit and the entire team at Element hotel for a fantastic experience.
For more information about Element hotel, visit starwoodhotels.com
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Images courtesy of Element Hotels/Phillip Chin.