Welcome to the new Style Calling. Over the summer we’ve been working on our refresh and we are so excited to bring you Style Calling 2.0.

C5_dkgHHsXVBKxBv_-6CnXeA719MKoQvRAE3D0SWuOIHave a click around and check out the new features. We focused on a cleaner layout, better displays for images and more interaction for our readers with the Style Calling team. We’ve also just started our newsletter, so be sure to sign up for for the latest from StyleCalling.com!

Below are some photos we shot with photographer Viranlly Liemena to celebrate our new site. Thank you to you all for following us on this journey. We look forward to connecting with you!

Lyndi and the Style Calling team.


Photos by Viranlly Liemena
Make up by Jasmine Hoffman