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Carry on 6Trains, planes and automobiles, we’ve taken many over the past few weeks. We’re wrapping up our European adventure, which has been nothing short of spectacular. Our trip has gone so smoothly, and we owe this in great part to pre-trip planning, and thinking through our travel route in detail.

There are so many little things that help make a big trip go smoothly, and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with you. Today, I’m starting with key things you need to know about travelling in Europe, and what’s in my carry on.
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Travel Carry on Only
Too much stuff will ruin a trip. The more you travel, the more you realize how true this is. On short European flights, the planes are small and you often can only bring a carry on, without being charged. Check with the airline regarding the amount of luggage you can bring, weight limit restrictions, how much it is to check additional bags and can you bring a personal item (like a purse) as well as a carry on bag.

Carry on suitcase
Just because you are travelling carry on only, doesn’t mean you won’t have enough things to wear. I packed for 9 full days easily with this Herschel hardshell suitcase. It is exactly the size allowed as carry on luggage. and it really made travel a breeze. It’s light, easy to roll, and large enough to fit quite a lot in. I completely understand why some people swear by traveling carry on only.

Checked in Luggage
Remember, the minute you ‘check in’ your suitcase, it is almost guaranteed to come back scratched and marked up. You can’t be precious with something like luggage, so be warned, it will not come out in perfect condition after a ride in the hold.
Carry on 4CArry on 10Cheerio 8Carry on liquids
You can only bring ONE small bag of liquids through security. Nothing can be over 100ml and they are very strict on this. At most airports, they supply plastic bags to put your items in to go through security. You can arrive to the airport prepared by putting all of your liquids in a small ziplock bag, and ensuring nothing is over 100 ml.

Not all of your cosmetics and toiletries will be liquid though. Things like lipstick and deodorant don’t count, but I suggest putting these in a separate clear bag. I love this Mary Kay cosmetics case because its compact, and easy to bring out of your bag if need be when you go through security.

In Flight Skincare
Travel size skincare is all you need (and can take) in your carry on. I collect travel size products for exactly this reason. Dermalogica has the perfect samples in sachets, and take up little to no room. Next time you buy your favourite skincare product, ask if they have samples. You will be surprised how often they will say Yes! Face wipes and Purrel wipes are available in travel size, and are a must. These are perfect to use to make sure your hands are clean, and your face is ready to be moisturized. Airplane air is so drying and you want to do whatever you can to help your skin.

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In Flight Beauty
I never wear makeup before a flight, but I often want just a touch of makeup before I land. This Dior 2 in 1 is ideal as an multi use product. I use it under my eyes, around my nose, and to cover any blemishes. This MD mascara is perfect for travel. I love the tube package because it’s compact. Eyebrows are another key factor in looking refreshed. I love this Benefit wand because of the brush on the one side. A touch of product and brushing your eyebrows always makes you look more awake.

Sleep Mask
I will never take an overnight flight without a sleep mask! You need to put on earphones and cover your eyes to really get into a deep nights sleep. This mask is from the sleepwear company, The Sleep Shirt. It’s super soft, and the elastic is just the right tension so its comfortable to wear while getting some Zs.
Carry on 20Must have carry on items
Prescription Sunglasses

Before we departed, I received a pair of prescription sunglasses from Clearly. They’re ideal for travel. I brought a few other pairs with me, but honestly, I hardly wore them. I received so many messages inquiring where they are from. They are very reasonably priced, and can be found at Clearly.

Cannon Camera
Light and portable, the Cannon G7X is ideal for creating videos. Filming our trip has been so much fun! I can’t wait to share more of our adventure on youtube soon.

Water bottle
You want to stay hydrated on the plane, so I always carry an empty water bottle through security and fill it up on the other side. You can also ask the air hostess to fill up your bottle when they come through the cabin. This Swell bottle has a larger opening, so its easier to decant water into it.

Passport Case and Notebook
Two things that are a must in your carry on. Your passport in case, and a notebook. I always write down all my itinerary details. It’s good to have things like the address of your destination and contact phone numbers handy.
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Thanks to all of you who followed our stories and adventures in London, Paris and Prague! Stay tuned for blog posts on all our adventures, and follow @StyleCalling

  • Love how organized and prepared you are!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Thanks Ann! It definitely helped a lot to be organized. Made the journey very enjoyable.
      Hope you’re having a great start to the Falls season!

  • You are so organized! I love seeing what other people pack in their carry on’s!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • Thanks so much Jennifer! Glad you liked my round up 🙂

  • This is such a useful post. I need to get better at packing and how adorable is your actual luggage…that pink suitcase (LOVE) x


    • Oh I’m so happy to read this comment, and hear you found this post useful.
      Happy Travels 🙂

  • This is one of the few posts like this that is actually helpful! And the pictures are so pretty! Loving your blog! 🙂


    • Thank you so much Michele! I’m so glad you enjoyed this blog post, and found all the tips useful. There are so many little details that make Europe travel easier. Thanks for stopping by Style Calling 🙂

  • You are so prepared! And I love that blush luggage!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    • Thank you Ashley! Isn’t the blush luggage cute? SO useful too!

  • Marina Wang

    I’m traveling to Korea in November and this post is perfect for my preparation 🙂

    btw, your suitcase is so lovely!


    • I’m so happy to hear you found this useful! Air travel is SO much easier when you’re prepared and know what to expect. Safe and happy travels!
      Lyndi xo

  • I absolutely LOVE seeing what gals have inside their purses or carry ons. Is that weird of me?! lol! I think it’s such a good idea for a clear makeup pouch for flights. Too many times I’ll be digging through my makeup bag trying to find one product, and I can imagine a clear one would be SO much easier for flights.

    xo, Allie

    • I love seeing what’s in peoples bags too! A clear make up case is a game changer, and SOO helpful when flying.

  • Closet Fashionista

    Yep, these are all great tips! Most of the time I try to fly with only a carryon and my purse (but I use a larger bag as a purse.) Sometimes I add a tiny snack if it’s a short flight in case they bring something other than pretzels.

    • Oh yes I definitely had a few snacks in there too 🙂

  • so many different compartments, which is super helpful for packing.
    Great tips, super useful!

    Tsehay Canning

    • Thanks so much Tsehay! Appreciate you stopping by Style Calling 🙂

  • Dominique

    I’m all about in flight skincare! It’s essential to stay hydrated in that drying air! xx


    • Me too! It’s SO drying on a plane, hydrating is essential!

  • You look so stylish dear, love how you organized everything!!!!


    • Thank you so much for stopping by Style Calling Jenny 🙂

  • You are so well organized. I am just thinking what to pack in my carry on for Tuesday. It will be a long haul flight to the states.
    Have a great Sunday.

    Love, Esther

    • Thank you Esther! I tried to be as organized as possible. It makes arriving at your destination so much easier.
      Hope you have a fantastic trip ahead 🙂

  • Such a great post! Have a great day. Gemma x

    • Thank you Gemma! Hope you’re having a lovely week too

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    Lovely flat lay! Awesome post!
    Have a wonderful week ahead!
    Much love, Len

    • Thank you so much Len 🙂

  • Love your suitcase! And I agree, I never check a bag. I like to know it will end up at my destination!!

    xo Annie

    New England Romance

    • Thanks Annie. It’s from Herschel. It is the perfect size for carry on. Bonus that its cute 🙂

  • We just returned from Europe and we only had carry-ons with us. Best decision ever! The best part is that you don’t have to wait for your bag once you get off the plane

    • AH good for you guys!! It’s such a great way to travel if you can manage it. Saves so much time, and you end up actually wearing everything you bring 🙂

  • You have such gorgeous luggage! What a great idea to have a eye mask in your purse for travel!


    • Thanks so much Joti! It’s from Herschel, and was SO useful for this trip.

  • Thanks for sharing these great travel tips! You are so well organised and it’s a great idea to stock up on travel sized beauty products before the trip!
    Julia x

    • Thanks so much Julia! Appreciate you stopping by Style Calling and leaving a lovely comment.
      Stocking up on travel sized beauty products is a total game changer!

  • sounds like an amazing adventure!

    • Thanks Lesley! It was such a fun trip

  • Your sleep mask is so cute! I love the post – I pretty pack the same way and travel-sized products are a necessity!!


    • Thanks so much Caitlin. The sleep mask is from this awesome company called, The Sleep Shirt. You might have seen them on instagram. Love hearing that you pack travel sized products the same way. Total game changer!

  • Kim

    Flights can be so stressful for me. I love that you’ve made such an organized list of what to bring! I have a flight tomorrow! 😀


  • Vyom Kapoor

    Thanks so much for the amazing tips. This is something that I always struggle with before a trip but I guess not anymore.
    Vyom | http://panachemania.com/2017/10/my-fashion-perspective/

  • Kate Amar

    I agree 100%! Especially the sleep mask – I can’t survive without a mask and ear plugs 😉 Great tips

    XO, Kate